Black field comparable to OLED! Panasonic new panel has any mystery?

According to the "Nihon Keizai Shimbun" reported on November 28, Panasonic announced the development of a new LCD panel.It is understood that the panel display image brightness comparable to a new generation of OLED panel brightness level is expected that this LCD panel will be as Medical monitors and other sales, plans as early as the fall of 2017 in Himeji Himeji City, the main production base Himeji factory mass production due to the intense competition for LCD TV panels, Panasonic will step up to develop, including for the car Of the TV outside the market demand.

Panasonic's new panel has any mystery?

The original LCD panel has been there is a very serious light leakage problem, if the increase in backlight brightness, the dark will appear white black, to reduce the brightness, the brightness of the light will be reduced.In order to solve this problem, Panasonic This time between the LCD display unit and the backlight embedded in the newly developed can control the amount of light in accordance with the pixel backlight dimming unit.This greatly reduces unnecessary light leakage from the backlight, the final realization of the The maximum brightness of 1000cd / m2, the minimum brightness of 0.001cd / m2 of 1 million: 1 contrast.

The image shows the comparison diagram

The light control unit uses a liquid crystal material having different light transmission characteristics from the liquid crystal material used for the display unit, and the display unit and the dimming unit are each independently controlled, and this time, in developing the dimming unit, Of the material, even by the 1000cd / m2 can achieve high-brightness backlighting of the light exposure, but also long-term stability, in addition to Panasonic unit structure has also been carefully improved.

Development products and video display diagram

Allegedly, the Panasonic panel of this study compared with clear black and white, with X-ray can improve the diagnostic accuracy of the advantages, etc. If used for on-board display, help to improve the driver's ability to identify, Panasonic will also use it to use (G8.5) production line 'can produce 10 inches to 100 inches range of products, can provide for radio and television, video production, the production of video and film display applications such as the same time Panasonic LCD monitor company said, Medical and automotive and other uses of various sizes of panels.