Alpha decay: to animation, to entertainment

With 'Oriental Disneyland' dream and soon changed its name to Alpha Alpha entertainment in the layout of virtual reality (VR) is a step to expand the field. Following the VR glasses, VR helmet, and get involved in a panoramic visual field.
February 21, Alpha announced, will be invested to increase their investment panoramic vision service providers 'interactive horizon panoramic vision' (hereinafter referred to as interactive horizon), just a few days of February 18, the company announced A round lead investor in the virtual reality game made a time machine VR Corporation (TVR).

These two investments were not up to standard listed company announcements, so the specific amount of investment and the share is not known. However, these measures can be seen from the company's determination to enter the field of VR.
VR company layout really just a more important part of the Austrian flying animation is, 'IP + smart "pan-entertainment ecosystem is the company's vision. To this end, the company changed its name removed even by' anime 'shackles.
February 19, Alpha held a shareholders meeting passed the motion renamed the company from 'Guangdong Alpha Animation and Culture Co., Ltd.' intended renamed 'Alpha Entertainment Co., Ltd', to regional, and 'animation to 'Entertainment' category of such a larger word. company's proposed 'Eastern Disney' goal prototype has now.
In fact, since the second half of 2015, Alpha frequently carry out capital operation, had around 'IP + smart "pan-entertainment ecosystem and expand.
First, through the acquisition of Alpha, holds shares of the way the quality of IP resources, which is the end of the content ecosystem based core Acquisition 'Yaoqi' breakthrough K12年龄的限制 over IP. September 2015, Alpha to 904 million yuan acquisition of 'Yaoqi' original comic platform, bringing together adult user groups, content to fill the defect. Yaoqi has more than 20,000 resident cartoonist, over 6 million registered users, and carries out ( young bee), (one hundred thousand bad jokes) and many other phenomenal animation IP.
December 31, 2015, Alpha Group strategic stake Linglong, Linglong become the largest institutional shareholders and board members, and enjoy preferred access to the business development of the latter. The two sides signed a strategic cooperation agreement depth, work together to build 'China's first fantasy world of' super IP. IP is suitable for the development of VR fantasy content.
Meanwhile, Alpha strategic stake in palm reading technology, the two sides set up the second element content ecosystem.
Of course, as with 'Disney' as the benchmark companies, Alpha International layout is also essential. December 26, 2015, a wholly owned subsidiary of Austrian flying to Hong Kong $ 8.5 million acquisition of South Korea's top animation company FunnyFlux43.79 % stake, in addition to becoming the founder of the largest foreign institutional shareholders and board members, together with a right of priority cooperation.
Next, enter the virtual reality in the technology side, the hardware side layout VR, AR field, this series of actions very fragmented. Austrian flying the VR field layout, and most expected by the market.
'Snow also Teng' Alpha is the first step to enter the VR chess. November 2015, Alpha $ 20 million B round of financing lead investor in the relevant motion capture technology development and application of VR technology company Connaught also Teng.
Motion capture is one of the virtual reality environment under the most viable means of interaction. Enoch Teng also developed the world's first all-wireless system in the human body motion capture film, animation and game production has a very strong applicability. Famous American TV ( game of Thrones) is the use of special effects Teng Connaught also independently developed a motion capture system.
'Next, we will film technology, digital sports training, commercial space VR solve large program areas, mild VR HCI programs gradual release of energy.' Teng CTO Darrow also promise that the plow, and improve certain dynamic capture technology go in front of the entire VR ecology.
Alpha late December announced a 10% strategic stake in Shanghai-phase Lok Technology (great friends VR), has become an important institutional shareholders and strategic partners with music technology. Music with a VR hardware company, its head was in the market-leading equipment levels market share among the highest in the country, and its products include VR 'big Four big Four helmet + helper' (PC end VR content aggregation platform), 'Mirage glasses + 3D broadcast sowing' (mobile phone App), VR machine.
After the Spring Festival, Alpha could not wait to announce three further areas in VR layout. On the one hand, on February 15, 2016, Alpha announcement jointly Wisesoft (002253.SZ) the development of virtual reality, the two sides jointly developed for intelligent image recognition hardware, virtual reality technology and other applications. content Alpha and Wisesoft hardware complements the other hand, investment in virtual reality game virtual reality created a time machine company (TVR) and panoramic visual service providers interactive horizon.
Interactive horizon is China's first panoramic vision applications institution, there have been some marketing representative works, including Panorama (Chinese good voice) nest pinnacle of night shooting (nine demon tower) VR videos, parade panoramic recording, 9.3.
Interactive Vision founder and CEO Zhang waves that have accepted funding Alpha, mainly because after the two sides have a natural business meeting point. Panoramic vision and VR and VR technology hardware grafting can bring immersive virtual experience to the user .
After completion of the transaction, Alpha will have to interact with the right vision and business investment cooperation priority right follow-up. The two sides will continue to film technology, VR panorama interaction, VR theme parks, sports and recreation, VR interactive marketing, and live and recorded in VR panorama broadcasting and other fields of cooperation.
Clearly, the domestic entertainment companies, Alpha series attack in the field of VR is very sharp, are the industry chain-related companies. Although not yet appear fruitful cooperation, Austrian flying VR ecosystem final form is still uncertain, but there are the IP support, VR equipment in this competition, the Alpha has the upper hand.
Third, launched three smart devices into the field of artificial intelligence.
January 20, 2016, Alpha 50 million yuan investment in Beijing Lightyear unlimited Technology Co., Ltd., and accounts for 5% of the shares, to be co-production 'Super Flying Man' Artificial Intelligence robot The same day, the Austrian flying animation of a conference in Beijing also released three smart devices, Melody robots, robots, and Jia Jia smart watch, and strategic investments in France Blue Frog, will introduce the world's first 'intelligent butler' bar Di robot (Buddy).
Alpha also revealed plans to invest 2 billion yuan, including research and development of intelligent robots, wearable watches and other intelligent terminal. The company hopes the robot as a core inlet flow, create a complete industrial closed loop Chief Strategy Officer Alpha Bin on expected in 2016 the total stock of Alpha intelligent robot child watches and exceed 100 million units, the future will be developed into the largest field of children's intelligence entrance platform.
Li Bin said that before Alpha is IP content production company, Alpha now the VR, AR and AI combine the toy industry will face the future transformation and upgrading process, AI would completely overturn the traditional toy industry. Alpha Animation the current income scale is still relatively small, but in the era of artificial intelligence, there is much room for growth.
Fourth, breaking the limits of animation films from (Mermaid) started to engage in real big movie.
Austrian flight animation in the film betting (Mermaid) broke through the highest grossing in the history of China, Ltd. is one of Chupin Alpha Pictures (Hong Kong) in the future on the big screen, you will probably see more Austrian flying animation investment by the live-action film.
All these, it is easy to see skilled Alpha chairman Cai Dongqing capital operation, the ability to integrate it. Core foundation IP, Alpha were taken by acquisitions, such as 'Yaoqi' hardware technology industry complement and extend the chain, Alpha is to be more strategic stake by way of cooperation, and thus gain the right to priority investment and technical content and priorities of cooperation rights.
Obviously, this is not all, Alpha expected future there will be follow-up action in the field of virtual reality and artificial intelligence.
Alpha February 5 before the disclosure reduction plan, the reduction in the first three days of the window will quickly complete reduction of behavior, a total of nearly 20 million yuan in cash sets emerged. In fact, the reduction was not the best timing, the average price reduction in the vicinity of $ 33 for the stock market rebound and yet with the rise, February 22 company shares had closed near 40.
Notice that all of the proposed reduction of the amount required to operate in accordance with the Austrian flying animation, to provide interest-free loan amount, and 'Listed companies will work together to continue to improve IP-core pan-entertainment layout ecology to help the early realization of the listed companies' new generation 'Disney's great dream.'
February 22, on the secondary market of virtual reality (VR) concept erupted again, Daheng Technology (600288.SH), Alpha, etc. have sealed daily limit. Analysts believe that, as a rebound in the city of speculation outlet, VR concept also there is some upside.
BOCI cultural media industry analysts believe the real Kuang, Alpha Animation has become the current leader in the field of IP, the company did not stop at the layout of the field of IP, and continuing throughout the whole industry upgrade and layout from the middle and lower reaches, to form a more powerful 'Oriental Disneyland' layout.
Galaxy Securities chief analyst Wang Li in the electronics industry when VR field sort of Alpha assessment is 'the most ecologically sound, capital operation is also very strong.'
She believes, VR hardware terminal needs to support the content and the industry chain, such as Alpha Animation manufacturers have little ecological development opportunities because VR / AR naturally and animation industry can achieve seamless, on the one hand, existing VR content more more to the avatar to reflect, develop traditional animation and VR image rendering and animation development process very similar; on the other hand, for those who like anime secondary yuan users, which is more willing to experience the depth of the virtual world, and are willing to pay, considering animation is the high concentration of users, pay rate, high rate of repeat consumer industries, VR has realized natural animation mode, even more than the game industry more likely to become VR / AR content comes in. 'in any case, the existing boot animation users do not need to VR animation development costs to pay too much in the future for a long period of time, the game animation + model will become VR / AR experience landing heavily. '
To animation, to entertainment, Alpha Animation is a step transformation.
Report: Austrian flying animation recent moves frequently
February 21, 2016, Alpha announced investment panoramic vision service providers 'interactive horizon panoramic vision';
February 18, 2016, Alpha announced the investment made in the virtual reality game virtual reality time machine company;
February 16, 2016, Alpha and Wisesoft signed a strategic cooperation agreement to develop interactive virtual reality panorama content;
January 20, 2016, Alpha 50 million yuan investment in Beijing Lightyear unlimited Technology Co., Ltd., and accounts for 5% of the shares, to be co-production 'Super Flying Man' artificial intelligence robot;
December 31, 2015, Alpha strategic stake phase Lok Technology (Big Four VR);
December 26, 2015, a wholly owned subsidiary of Austrian flying to Hong Kong $ 8.5 million to acquire FunnyFlux43.79% stake in South Korea's top animation company;
November 2015, Alpha investment Teng Connaught also motion capture company;
September 2015, Alpha acquired Yaoqi original comic internet.