Orange Orange Money payment services in Western Europe to push mobile

French operator Orange subject recently said that in the Middle East and Africa and other places to make money from mobile financial services is not difficult, given the good results achieved in recent years, the company plans to introduce this service in Western Europe markets, including mainland France.

It is reported that, from 2016 onwards, Orange users in France can pay by mobile service 'Orange Money' to friends and family far away in the Middle East and Africa transfers. The business took the lead in the overseas market in 2008, so far has 1400 in 13 countries million subscribers, monthly transaction amounted to 500 million euros (about 3.432 billion yuan) last year, this business of Orange brought 50 million euros (about 343 million yuan) in revenue .Orange Deputy CEO Ramon Fernandez said, hope in this part of the revenue in 2018 increased to 200 million euros. Currently, Africa's mobile service ARPU month average of 2 to 5 euros, including mobile payment revenues accounted for 1.8 euros.

'Introduction of such financial services can make income doubled .'Orange senior vice president for Africa, the Middle East and Asia Marc Rennard said,' this business can not only bring new revenue for us, but also increase user loyalty. 'He revealed, Orange Money income in some markets accounted for 5% to 7% of total revenue.

But the difference is with some colleagues, Orange has yet to open its payment platform. And a year ago, MTN and Bharti two operators had signed a cooperation agreement, MTN and Bharti payment service user movement in Côte d'Ivoire Business users can transfer payment between each other in Burkina Faso's move. However, Orange had added a mobile wallet interoperability project, the same in which there Bharti, MTN, Vodafone and other operators responsible person .Orange It said it is considering to establish a common platform for cooperation with other pay but Fernandez also pointed out that in the past issued a statement to establish a precedent for a lot of cooperation, but so far not many substantive action.

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