Palm reading iReader officially launched electronic paper book | 899 元 upcoming sale

August 6, 2015, in Beijing International Trade III, palm reading iReader officially launched the electronic paper book, priced at $ 899 and purchase the first batch of 300 yuan read user Get cake for readers at the same time will give the reader can immediately start reading fluency. palm reading into Hunan Science and Technology CEO have said that the introduction of electronic paper book iReader purpose is to allow the reader away from the noise of the outside world, gain new experience from a dedicated reading, do the most simple self.

Do more suitable hardware to read

Today, e-book reader in the country has a lot of brands, but the user experience, there is still a lot of experience using undesirable aspects. Palm reading from a reader's point of view, after nearly two years of continuous reflection and running, design more suitable for reading hardware products, iReader electronic paper book.

In the configuration, which uses the highest market specifications IMX6S Freescale chipset, optimized for specialized electronic ink screen, the user can fastest processing various reading needs. On the screen, iReader adopt a more realistic size books 6.8-inch screen, with 1080x1440 resolution, providing high-definition display while ensuring larger font.

Meanwhile, in order to reduce the impact on the splash screen of the reader, palm reading on E-INK screen has been specially tuned to better enable it to play, to avoid the splash screen when reading to bring the experience of the poor, the most gentle way readers provide uninterrupted reading experience.

In addition, palm reading will also listen to the book before the acclaimed model applied iReader. Use palm reading unique high-quality reading mode, users can enjoy smooth voice reading, as well as accurate punctuation and cadences, to help readers liberation eyes, another way to understand the contents of books.

As a powerful performance, full-featured products, iReader electronic paper book reading lights built by multi-level adjustment allows the user to easily read the most appropriate brightness in the night, while palm reading, especially in the bottom of the set reading light switch button, users can read a key to turn on or off lights, save energy.

iReader is equipped with 4GB of storage space, you can store thousands of books, to achieve mass storage. In addition, iReader is equipped with a 1500mAh battery, by SSCE smart power-saving technology, and E-INK electronic paper outstanding energy-saving effect can be achieved up to 35 days standby battery life time can be read continuously for 65 hours.

In terms of user experience, palm reading on the basis of seven years of experience on the phone to read, iReader added 27 for the user-friendly design, more professional experience team for each operation are optimized, particularly in registration, recharge , cloud sync and other aspects will be more convenient, allowing users to easily get started without having to re-read.

Palm reading do everything accumulated seven mobile phones to read all applications on iReader, only for users to create an easy to use, easy to use products and easy to read.

Sell ​​to hardware only for better reading

CEO Gordon had a history of a palm reading that its only two things most of the time, his reading and let others read better. For this reason, palm reading is like reading the user to develop the depth iReader electric paper books, but this Release the product is not intended to sell hardware, but rather to let more people interested in reading can be better read.

'If you spend money to buy a reader, the need to recharge to purchase e-books, or see the books but also because of the price and frown, and it is not our intention,' from this basic viewpoint, palm reading in the sales iReader the same time, it provides users with $ 300 worth of book tokens, user directly started to read, and not worry about paying because of the purchase of books in a year.

Palm reading employees a rough calculation: One day in late July, enough to get in palm reading bookstores selling 50 books, totaling $ 300, while in the electricity supplier site, the same 50 physical book in 1300 after the discount still needed yuan before they can buy not only significant savings in cost, if not own a vehicle or a separate shelves, handling and placement of these books will become a laborious thing, and iReader only need to hand carry.

In addition to the physical book has advantages compared with the price and volume on digital content as compared to other platforms, palm reading also has advantages. It is understood that palm reading now has high-quality digital copyright books, magazines, comic books and other categories 420 000 , issued in book 1.5 billion. Moreover, palm reading and efficient day to day editorial team also add more books to bookstores, will achieve the ambitious goals Pocket Library through unremitting efforts.

The easiest to do yourself

The slogan of iReader as' the easiest to do yourself, 'is after a long time Gordon was pondering the decision, which he has his own understanding.' Now the society is full of glitz and noise, where people have lost, electronic paper book like phones and tablets are so complex features, but can be seen from outside noise of some books quietly, so back to the simplest self. '

In fact, although the hardware project has cost more than billion, but Gordon was not given to its strict set of KPI. In palm reading corporate culture, there is a 'stick', look for a direction after is to say, relatively calm and then to do something. compared to some often been modified to adhere to the teeth of the entrepreneurial process, as I believe Gordon were more happy and determined to do things would be better on the electronic paper book is iReader thus, palm reading as well.

'When we do it with the same application to read, even if we have no money, so long as we continue to find the user's pain points and aspirations, and then stick to do so has been good. I might just want to find the right direction first, then left next is in a very calm state of mind to do it. 'into Hunan were convinced that hard to do the product, must be someone to pay.

In reading the road, palm reading has been very focused: its establishment in 2015 of palm reading literature, culture focused on quality of original works; seminal paper book sales on the platform, giving users a more comprehensive experience; continue to promote palm reading public Edition, Release philosophers, and other four were a masterpiece; has introduced the latest fine typesetting books, to provide users with high-quality books while also providing high-quality experience.

According palm reading and Beijing Institute of Printing Press and Publication Institute jointly issued (2015 people read the data report (the first half)) show that palm reading active users six months the amount of reading, reading combined annual volume reached 12 in the better on the road so that people reading, palm reading will be mindful of, frankly forward.