Wang versatile star who | the whole package as versatile housekeeper housework

Have you ever thought about a dog, and it will do the housework trained universal dog? Yesterday, there is such a versatile household dog became a star. (Another great example of man as a dog's) in a section called video, puppy show a remarkable ability, called the owner to get up, Bangzhu coffee, take the tie, but also listen to music while doing housework in accordance with the task list, do the laundry, grocery shopping, cleaning the floor with a sweeper, throw garbage at night watching TV with his master swordsmen, this is where the dog to die, is simply a versatile housekeeper.

Other people in the world there is always a dog barking, so super smart dog goodly housework, but mainly professionals who can keep a clean household 'all-around dog' is not a luxury. Dog is so intelligent sweeping robot nana a 'clean puppy', designed for female users to create, born fear hair wound, the main people solve troubles floor cleaning.

In fact, the only universal housework dog video, creative clips puppy sweeping robot intelligent appliances to new nana puppy taken in a day after the video came to light, the puppy intelligent sweeping robot landed Lynx nana puppy appliances flagship store, open reservation, August 3 officially on sale, the first limited edition of 2,000 units.

In the conventional cleaning process, fine dust and pet hair who is often the most exasperating two problems, swept away on the fly, it is difficult Futie cleaned, although sweeper broom can make up for deficiencies, but the market faces most The sweeping brush cleaning robots are dependent, hair can easily lead to blockage wound suction port, post cleaning brush work is not easy, was supposed to save the clean but became more trouble. How to solve this problem? pup nana change It is completely different!

It is understood that the dog is a puppy Electric nana only for enlightenment in 2015, is designed specifically for women to create an intelligent sweeping robot, its biggest feature is the mouthpiece brush-free design, this can effectively prevent hair entangled situation happen, since wrapped to prevent blocking, easily collect hair, fluff, dust and other dirt. 700Pa super suction type with no brush close the mouthpiece, dust and hair directly inhaled dust box, fear winding, sweeping since more effort.

Of course, smoking was clean and rely on the technology, and began to live there is the ability of the brain will be thinking. SF2 smart chip as nana puppy brain, can command it to quickly and efficiently complete the cleaning tasks, one can intelligent home environment planning cleaning routes, optimize the cleaning path, the completion of more than 99% of the area clean, and second, precise automatic backfilled automatically find charging base when power is nearly exhausted, and flexible anti-collision avoidance, ultrasonic sensing anti-drop, off-road gradeability while protecting furniture to protect their best cleaning results.

August 3, nana puppy about to debut in the poly-cost, for puppies appliances also ready for female users multiple promotions during the event, the value of 78 yuan Maijiu natural red water Carpenter Tan Combs, more car cleaners , open group limit cashback, cashback + sending mattress mites instrument, praise send calls and other benefits to enjoy, and during the event, the highest turnover in the consumer, will receive the value of 3999 yuan Siemens washing machine drum.

Lynx search for 'puppy V-M611A' or to 'puppy appliances flagship store', instantly favorites puppy nana, the only good at cleaning chores dog take home.