2015 Tianyi Fair opening of the terminal post | signing 55,000,000

The morning of July 3, jointly organized by China Telecom and Qualcomm companies' 2015 Tianyi terminal Trading Expo & Forum "held in Nanjing International Expo Center. The fair with the theme 'Internet +, smart for you to come' China Telecom 'Internet +' actions implemented in specific industrial ecology level. The three-day expo, focusing focusing intelligent terminals, the Internet industry, wearable devices and intelligent hardware and other fields, to build support 'Internet +' in the industry ecosystem.

Tianyi terminal current trade fair attracted more than 300 corporate participants, more than 10,000 professionals and more than 30,000 agents and retailers attending the event on behalf of the exchange, to negotiate cooperation.

The opening of the industry's top event 55 million contract smartphones

Jiangsu Provincial People's Government Vice Governor Xu Nanping, Nanjing Municipal Government Mayor Miu Ruilin, Qualcomm company `Paul Jacobs, chairman, Mr Wang Yang Jie, chairman and general manager of China Telecom, as well as hundreds of industry guests attended the opening ceremony. Yang Jie, general manager and mayor Miu Ruilin opening remarks, Vice Governor Xu Nanping, `Paul Jacobs, chairman and co-chairman of Ping '2015 terminal Tianyi Trade Fair and Forum' opened.

At the opening ceremony Tianyi terminal procurement contract segment, China Telecom of the United Nations on behalf of the providers, the chain signed Tianyi terminal and terminal manufacturers purchase confirmation. Total Tianyi smartphone signing up 55 million, contract amounting to 66 billion yuan.

It is reported that, 'Tianyi terminal Trade Fair and Forum' formerly held for six years 'Tianyi Fair and mobile phone Internet forum'. After six years of development, this event was a great success, becoming the world's largest and participation the largest number of mobile phone trade fair for upstream and downstream industry chain to build a product display and trading platform to strengthen communication and cooperation in the industrial chain partners, and from simple to develop a set of mobile trading fairs, new exhibitions, forums, Salon in the form of an integrated industry event, the cumulative number of participants more than 700,000 people, through trade fairs terminal contracted amount accumulated more than 150 million units.

In 2015, the event fully upgraded to 'Tianyi terminal Trade Fair', one main product form from the phone main changes include all kinds of intelligent terminals, on the other hand both trading and exhibition functions as a platform to showcase innovative products.

Three galleries see 'Internet +' smart future

In March this year, the country made 'Internet +' action plan, China Telecom to respond positively, fast implementation, on May 13 officially released ('Internet +' action White Paper). The China Telecom Tianyi terminal Trade Fair held, and the theme of 'Internet +, smart for you to come', indicates that China Telecom to build 'Internet +' major strategic layout of industrial ecosystem formally entered the action phase.

Tianyi terminal current trade fair presents many highlights: China Telecom for the first time demonstrated based carrier aggregation (Carrier Aggregation, abbreviated CA), 'Tianyi 4G +' business carrier aggregation technology applications means that China Telecom's mobile network transmission speed is picking up again, downlink peak rate will reach 300Mb / s, to better meet the user the explosive growth of data traffic needs, provide effective protection for the development of information technology applications in all walks of life support 'Internet +' overall floor action.

This 'Tianyi terminal Trade Fair' in form and content is also different from the previous, showing strong 'Internet +' character, is divided into 'intelligent terminal', 'wearable devices and intelligent hardware' and 'industrial Internet' three large thematic exhibition, more prominent intelligence, speed, connectivity, innovation, 'Internet +' element.

Intelligent Terminal exhibition will highlight new technologies such as chip, new camera technology, biometrics and other scientific and technological forward-looking technology products; wearable devices and intelligent hardware exhibition highlight UAV, virtual reality, health care, intelligent robots, 3D print technology in many fields, diversified intelligent products; Internet industry exhibition from the 'Internet +' and 'visit audiences' two perspectives on display, including Wyatt me, wisdom, family, home security, car networking, cloud computing, big data, etc. In addition, the exhibition will also be integrated mobile Internet applications for consumers to create "eat, drink, play, music, shopping and 'one-stop mobile Internet experience.

Tianyi 4G smart terminal display is also of concern. Samsung, Huawei, ZTE, Cool, Lenovo and other well-known terminal manufacturers to demonstrate the latest wave, the most unique models, covering high-end star machine, in the end quality machines, thousands of intelligent machines, etc. the entire product line, many of them security phones, video phones and other characteristics of 4G terminal, these features 4G end fashion product design, cutting-edge technology concepts, as well as a unique feature set, won the audience favorite.

Eight new Internet economy forum on the Road

Held during the exposition of the 'seventh intelligent terminals and mobile Internet Industry Forum ", China Telecom Group chairman Wang Xiaochu, chairman of Qualcomm's Dr. Paul Jacobs' keynote speech. In addition, during the Expo also will organize 'the Internet industry,' 'a new form of channel development forum', 'mobile Internet Geeks Park', 'China Telecom's mobile terminal technology forum,' '2015 intelligent wearable device with intelligent hardware Industry Forum', 'cloud and big data service the whole industry chain ', and' Internet of the industrial age 'and other seven industry sub-forum to discuss new trends in the rapid development of the Internet under the new hot spot. Also during the fair, thousands of businessmen ordering, media interviews, a series of activities such New Products A perfect show in front of the participants.

Tianyi terminal through this Trade Fair, China Telecom and industrial partners to focus 'Internet +' and intelligent terminals frontier, pushing to build more open and vibrant industry ecosystem, we will implement the 'Internet +' action plans and economic transformation and upgrading band be positive and profound impact.