Former Vice Minister of the Ministry of Machinery Industry, Shen Liechu, visited the Yangli Group to conduct visits and guidance.

Afternoon of November 5

Former Minister of Machinery Industry Vice Minister Yang Liechu and other leaders

Visit Yangli Group to visit and research

Zhang Jun, vice president of Yangli Group, accompanied the reception to explain!

Shen Lichu

He joined the Communist Party of China in 1953. He graduated from the Department of Mechanical Engineering of Tsinghua University in 1955. He received his Ph.D. degree in Dresden Higher Industrial School in 1960. After returning to China, he served as deputy director of the Research Institute of Machine Tool Research Institute of the Ministry of Machinery Industry, Shenyang. Deputy Chief Engineer of the Three Machine Tool Plant, Deputy Director, Deputy Director of the Machine Tool Bureau of the Machine Tool Department of the First Ministry of Machinery Industry, Deputy Director of the Department of Science and Technology, and Deputy Director of the Ministry of Machinery Industry.

Shen Lao as a senior in the machinery industry

I have visited Yangli Group many times.

Very concerned about the development of Yang Li

During this visit, he visited me in detail.

Yangli Group Intelligent Exhibition Hall, laser production workshop, etc.

Production guarantee system, quality management system

Product development system, integration of two technologies

Conducted a comprehensive investigation and research

Minister Shen has decades of industry experience

Especially solid and profound professionalism

Organization structure of Yanli Group and future research and development direction

Made very insightful comments and suggestions

Always emphasize the importance of technological innovation!

During the visit, Minister Shen pointed out:

Yangli not only must pay full attention to high-end scientific and technological talents, management talents, but also play the role of skilled craftsmen with long-term manufacturing experience, and vigorously promote the 'artisan spirit'. Continue to train their own software developers to achieve autonomy. Controlled industrial software development and application systems, development of intelligent manufacturing.

After the visit, Minister Shen and his entourage went to the meeting room.

Conduct in-depth exchanges

At the symposium, Mr. Zhang has been on Shen Lao for a long time.

Thanks for the concern of Yangli Group

And introduced the company's technological innovation in recent years.

Market expansion, intelligent manufacturing, etc.

Shen Lao said:

Yangli Group is the vanguard of China's forming machine tool industry

For the company 'intelligent, specialized, heavy

The development strategy of large-scale, internationalization has been affirmed

Encourage the development of international cooperation and seek innovative breakthroughs

I hope that Yangli Group will develop in the future.

Stable and steady, create greater glories!