2018 Art Life Museum: Casa Di showcases high-end water solutions

On November 7th, Casa Di X Tmall 'Free Inlay Artist' 2018 Casa Di Art Life Museum opened in Guangzhou. Casa Di brought the Tianmu set, the waterfall wash water heater to build the Casa Di Art Bathroom, for the user to solve Water problem in the whole house, providing high-end water solutions.

Market volume fell, Casa di contrarian growth

Zhongyikang data shows that due to various factors, the retail sales of water heaters in the first half of 2018 was about 33.1 billion yuan, up 4.8% year-on-year, and the retail volume was 19.03 million units, up by -0.4% year-on-year. In contrast, the Casa di water heater has grown against the trend, with retail sales up 55.2% year-on-year.

According to industry analysts, with the improvement of users' quality of life requirements, the lack of complete sets of bathroom appliances, the lack of water during bathing, and the problem of cold and heat have become a pain point that users cannot tolerate. The change of life concept puts new demands on the water supply mode. Only products that adapt to this new requirement can achieve good market performance.

Create high-end water solutions

Casa di water heaters focus on solving user pain points. Taking Tianmu as an example, it has created the industry's first high-end complete water solution, providing users with one-stop full-site water use.

Among them, Tianmu PRO electric water heater is equipped with quad-core instant heat technology, which can meet the bath water of the whole family; Tianmu HOT hot water purifier is the filter hot technology to realize hot and cold double pure water, the maximum temperature of hot water can reach 55 °C. The gold temperature of milk powder brewing; Tianmu SPA antibacterial soft water machine 'body small energy big', compared with the same water consumption soft water products in the industry, Tianmu SPA has a smaller volume, more space-saving and easy to install; beauty Washing machine with net soft integrated technology, salt-free long-acting soft water technology and hot and cold dual-core soft water technology to protect the face and health, completely eliminate the skin problems caused by water quality.

On the 8th, at the Casa Di Water Heater Experience Day held at the Casa Di Art Life Museum, a well-known skin management expert lecturer conducted on-site skin testing for the user and invited the users to experience the Casa Di Tian Mu SPA antibacterial soft water machine. Comparison experiment between soft water and hard water.

At the same time, the Living Museum exhibited the core module of the waterfall washing water heater and the 'Fountain' experiment. It is reported that the Casa Di 'Waterfall Washing' gas water heater innovative hot water power system, the water output increased by more than 70%, creating a large amount of water for users. The strong hydraulic waterfall washes the new experience. The intelligent adjustment matches the influent water, the intake air volume, and the constant temperature water bath solves the problem of alternating hot and cold water. Even if multiple families use water at the same time, the water temperature can be kept constant.

According to industry analysts, under the guidance of the 'personal single-in-one' mode, Casa di water heaters focus on the needs of users and create the industry's first high-end water supply solutions, which not only solve the high-end users' domestic water use process. Pain points, and form a core driving force in the future, continue to lead the high-end upgrade of innovative technology in the water heater industry.