Panasonic Care+ Health Care System: Healthy Care Leads Laundry New Wind Direction

With the advancement of technology, people's lives have become more and more intelligent and convenient, and various household appliances have also kept pace with the times. Many home appliance brands have developed and introduced new products suitable for consumers to alleviate people's burden of housework. Not to be outdone, the traditional 'how to wash clean' to 'how to wash health' and other directions. For a time, 'health care' has become an important reference standard when people buy washing machines, at the same time, health care has become Pulling the new trend of product upgrades in the industry.

Quality upgrade promotes product innovation, healthy laundry becomes mainstream

With the continuous improvement of the quality of life, the problem of food and clothing is not an important topic. People's attention to health gradually develops from healthy eating to breathing, room health, and laundry health. Two-child families, elderly families and middle-class families are especially Value.

According to Ovi data, in the fastest growing online market, the penetration rate of healthy washing machines in 2015 was 19.5%, and it rose rapidly to 36.7% in 2016. By 2017, the penetration rate of healthy washing machines has reached 61.4%. Under this trend, A healthy washing machine that combines functions such as washing, deodorizing, sterilizing, removing mites and other functions has become the new favorite of modern families. For more and more consumers, the washing machine is equipped with health functions, which is no longer a choice for icing on the cake, but An indispensable part of high quality life.

Multiple health care functions, enjoy smart laundry and new cleansing

When health care has become a new trend in the market, the washing machine industry has also launched a series of technological changes, from conventional high-temperature cooking to photo-activated silver sterilization technology, to the Care+ Health Protection System launched by Panasonic Clean Research Institute. The washing machine has moved from a single selling point to a diversification.

Take the Panasonic Romeo series washing and drying machine equipped with Care+ health net protection system as an example. Its three-dimensional multi-dimensional purification method, deep into each fiber of clothing, every inch of space, instantly disintegrate odor, bacteria and mites, while deep cleaning the inner tube of the washing machine. Among them, Ag+ photo-activated silver sterilization technology can effectively remove bacteria under normal temperature environment, effectively remove Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus on clothes, and the removal rate is up to 99.9%. The comprehensive removal rate reaches 97.56%, deeply removes the hidden troubles of mites, effectively reduces allergens, and makes the body and clothes healthy and fresh.

At the same time, Panasonic's patented nanoeTM nano-water ion deodorization technology can ionize the water molecules in the air by high voltage, and then generate charged water-purifying particles, so that the purified water particles with a diameter of 5nm~20nm can penetrate into the clothing fibers. Directly disintegrate the odor in the depth. Whether it is BBQ grill, tobacco or pet taste, it can be deeply removed, not hurting the clothes, making the clothes fresher. In addition, the Panasonic self-cleaning system can clean the inner tube at the same time. Doors and windows, easy to clean the inside of the cylinder, clean and refreshing, effectively reducing secondary pollution.

This winter, you can start from a healthy wash and protect your family's health. Panasonic Romeo series washing and drying machine is healthy and clean, efficient drying, leaving time for you, improving the quality of home life, making your family more happy, let life Warm and comfortable.