5G licenses will be released at the end of the year | 5G smartphones will be launched in the first half of next year

Yesterday was the last day of the World Internet Conference. In the morning of the '5G era: Open cooperation and create the future' forum, the Chinese Academy of Engineering academician He Hezhen revealed that China's 5G license will be issued at the end of this year; China Mobile Vice President Li Huizhen said that China Mobile 5G is planned to be pre-commercial in 2019, commercial in 2020, and 5G smartphone in the first half of 2019.

'1G to 4G is for personal communication, 5G is for mobile Internet and industrial Internet.' Chinese Academy of Engineering academician He Hezhen said at the meeting, 'With the emergence of 5G, mobile edge computing will be more popular, one The 5G system is a system of computing and communication convergence. The 5G peak rate is 30 times that of 4G, the user experience data is 10 times, the mobility is about 1 time, the wireless interface delay is 1 hour, 1 million sensors, and the traffic density is increased by 100. In short, 5G is to make the first generation of cellular communication more dense and larger. 5G will escort autopilot. '邬贺铨 also revealed at the meeting that as soon as the end of this year, China may issue 5G. license.

Li Huiwei, vice president of China Mobile, said in the forum that China Mobile has actively participated in the development of international standards. At present, it has applied for nearly 5 5G patents. China Mobile is the first to announce the 5G terminal pioneer plan, and will publish a 5G terminal white paper this year, and plans to publish it in 2019. Launched 5G smart phone of China Mobile's own brand.

'Huawei has joined hands with network operators to build a 5G pilot network in Hangzhou. In outdoor, the speed of 5G networks can reach 10 times that of 4G.' Huawei vice president Yang Chaobin said that Huawei has launched an end-to-end solution based on 3GPP 5G standard. , providing 5G complete equipment from base station to core network and bearer. In the past month, it has been shipped to customers worldwide. More than 10,000 sets of equipment are sent to the Middle East, Europe, South Korea. Operators have officially deployed 5G commercial networks in batches. .

'5G will have a trillion-dollar market space after commercialization. This is an emerging industry opportunity. Whoever grasps it will grasp the future of the Internet.' Tencent Vice President Jiang Yang revealed that Tencent has set up a special for 5G. Future Labs, specializing in Tencent's internal 5G-related business. Tencent is also using 5G, artificial intelligence to promote medical development, and Tencent's '觅影' can screen breast cancer and fundus diseases through artificial intelligence technology. Can also predict and diagnose more than 700 diseases.