Tuo Si Da injection molding enterprise whole plant intelligent solution seminar held as scheduled

By the plastics fair, on November 9th, Guangdong Tuostar Technology Co., Ltd. held the 'Innovation Solution for Wholesale of Injection Molding Enterprises' in the conference room of Zhejiang Yuyao Zhongsu International Convention and Exhibition Center.

At the meeting, Li Huan, general manager of Tuo Si Da Ningbo Branch, gave a lecture and shared the technology and case of his company in intelligence.

Li Huan, General Manager of Guangdong Tuostar Technology Co., Ltd. Ningbo Branch

According to its introduction, Tuostar is the first robot backbone enterprise in Guangdong Province to log on to the GEM. It focuses on the R&D, manufacturing and sales of intelligent equipment represented by industrial robots. It is committed to becoming a system integration + ontology manufacturing + software development + industrial internet. Four-in-one intelligent manufacturing integrated service provider. For many years, Tusta adhered to the brand concept of 'letting industrial civilization return to the beauty of nature' and the value concept of 'doing a year to return to automation'. The core products include industrial robots. The intelligent equipment represented by the industrial Internet of Things software represented by the control system and MES provides customers with an integrated solution for intelligent production environment based on industrial robots, creating a healthy intelligent manufacturing ecosystem.

Referring to intelligent manufacturing with industrial robots as the core, he said that Tusta has a complete industrial robot product line of 3-20kg, independent research and development control system, mastering technical resources such as servo drive, and deep strategy with international companies and institutions such as ABB. And industry-university research cooperation.

With the control system as the core of the industrial Internet, Tuostar has independently developed a series of software copyrights for its own robot control system and supporting equipment control. At the same time, the MES system has continuously obtained customer support arguments and cooperated with Huawei in the concept of ecological circle. Create manufacturing cloud, big data link applications, and explore the industrial Internet landing for customer needs.

Topstar serves five major industries: 3C industry, automotive industry, optoelectronics industry, new energy industry. Industrial automation, just look for Tusta!