Double 11 The strongest purchase strategy, Huawei Mate10 pro up to 500 yuan, Huawei Mate20/mate20 X six-year interest-free, what are you waiting for? Double 11 maximum attack slightly | Huawei Mate10

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Download the client can also get exclusive benefits Oh! The annual Double 11 war will kick off tomorrow, the major mobile phone brands have also started a double 11 list scramble. This year's double 11 period, Huawei Mate10 Pro in Tmall, Jingdong and other platforms up to 500 yuan, but also with Huawei Mate20/mate20 X enjoy six issues of interest-free benefits.

It can be said that Huawei this wave double 11 buy machine welfare is quite powerful.

In the major e-commerce platform, Huawei Mate20 and Huawei Mate20 X can enjoy 6 issue of interest-free installments, which undoubtedly reduces the purchase threshold for new mobile phones, interested friends may wish to pay more attention. Huawei Mate20 and Huawei Mate20 X are great choices for friends who want to buy a new machine at Double 11. They all feature a Kirin 980 processor, all equipped with a 24 million megapixel front camera, all with ultra-wide angle cameras and ultra-macro image shooting capabilities.

On the screen side, Huawei Mate20 uses a 6.53-inch fhd+ resolution LCD water droplet screen, while Huawei Mate20 X is equipped with a 7.2-inch giant screen OLED screen, also using a water droplet screen design. Although the rear Leica Kasan design is used, Huawei Mate20 is different from Huawei Mate20 X. Huawei Mate20 features a 12 million megapixel main camera with 16 million megapixel ultra-wide angle lenses and 8 million megapixel telephoto lenses to support twice times optical zoom.

Huawei Mate20 X uses a 40 million megapixel wide-angle + 20 million megapixel ultra-wide angle + 8 million megapixel telephoto lens to support up to three times times optical zoom and five times times mixed zoom. In terms of color matching, Huawei Mate20 offers cherry powder gold, bright black, Aurora color, gemstone blue, emerald cold cui five colors, Huawei Mate X provides phantom silver, gemstone blue two colors. All two phones support 22.5W fast charge, Huawei Mate20 has 4000mAh battery, Huawei Mate20 X is equipped with 5000mAh battery.

Huawei Mate20 Price from 3999 yuan, Huawei Mate20 x price from 4999 yuan. While several phones in the MATE20 series are slightly different, each one is worth buying, and the enthusiasm of consumers proves that the Huawei Mate20 series is really good. October 26 Huawei Mate20 Series first sale on the same day to win the Tmall mobile phone industry sales & Sales double champion.

As of October 27 0 o'clock, the MATE20 series on the Suning line offline full channel sales exceeded 100 million yuan, also proved the popularity of the MATE20 series. And as the last generation of Mate series flagship products of Mate10 Pro, but also in this double 11 event ushered in the most substantial concessions in history, in addition to Huawei Mall Vmall Discount 400 yuan, Jingdong, Tmall and other Huawei official platform has a maximum discount of 500 yuan activities.

In addition, from today, the Huawei Mate10 series will be open and upgraded based on the Android 9.0 version of the Emui 9.0, the new version upgrade not only brings a more natural minimalist, cool, pure and safe system experience, but also brings more convenient comprehensive screen gesture operation and other rich functions.