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At present, people use smartphones for a longer period of time, and it has gradually become an indispensable part of people's lives. With the end of the hardware era in the mobile phone industry, only products with more prominent features in design and mobile phone functions can be brought to People are deeply impressed. At this time, the personalization of the design has naturally become the first focus. More and more young people want to buy a more personalized product, those same mobile phones, obviously not after us 90, I like to see it after 00. Of course, many mobile phone manufacturers are aware of this problem, they have created more personalized products, the purpose is to attract more young users' attention. Double eleven is coming, I believe many small partners have already prepared With Money ready to change the machine, let us see what personalized mobile phones are worth buying in this national carnival.

Xiaomi MIX 3 (parameters offer forum software)

Reference price: 3299 yuan

On October 25th, Xiaomi MIX 3 was officially released in Beijing Palace Museum. The machine uses magnetic power slide design, front and rear flagship double camera, starting from 3299 yuan. In addition, Xiaomi also launched a joint special edition with the Palace Museum, the back of the fuselage Embedded with auspicious animal beast pattern, the first configuration 10GB large memory, priced at 4999 yuan.

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Xiaomi MIX 3 is equipped with 6.39-inch AMOLED screen, 2340x1080 resolution, 19.5: 9 aspect ratio, 93.4% ultra-high screen ratio, 4.46mm at the bottom, almost all screens on the front. Front double-camera concealed design, magnetically powered Rail, push screen life can reach 300,000 times. And ordinary spring slider phone life is only about 100,000 times. Equipped with Snapdragon 845 processor, supplemented with 6GB/8GB/10GB running memory, battery capacity is 3200mAh, support 10W wireless Fast charge, all standard charging stand, support multi-type door card simulation, super earpiece volume is 27% larger, with exclusive AI button, small love students can recognize 7 dialects, rear fingerprint recognition.

Click image to view details of Xiaomi MIX 3

Xiaomi MIX 3 rear dual 12 million pixel lens, a wide angle (f / 1.8 1.4 μm pixels), a telephoto (f / 2.4 1.0 μm pixels), support for four-axis optical image stabilization and 960 fps slow motion video capture, Portrait mode and AI scene camera are also available. In addition, the system will detect the handheld state, plus AI smart metering, optical image stabilization and AI anti-shake auto-calibration technology, it is said to further optimize the filming in the night scene. Set the camera to 24 million + 2 megapixels (independent depth of field) dual shot, with a custom high color rendering index soft fill light. According to the official statement, the phone has 24 million pixel resolution when the daylight is sufficient, and at night It can be photographed via a 4-in-1 1.8 μm large pixel. Xiaomi also added real-time blurring to the self-timer camera, which should be more practical for those who like self-timer video.

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