and the construction of automatic sorting center is the key link of logistics speed increase efficiency, logistics giants scramble to build automatic warehouse, unmanned warehouse, Intelligent Logisti

Another year ' Double 11 ' approaching, the major e-commerce, express logistics enterprises have flashed their new play, new technology, mini space station, UAV, AGV robot, automatic sorting system, heterogeneous monitoring, IOT, AI, ...

A variety of ' advanced, cool ' tech gods operate in a shiny debut.

The big guys ' sorting black technology. Jingdong Logistics will assemble ' the most powerful intelligent logistics infrastructure in history ' and the ' robot Corps ' of unprecedented scale.

16 Large Intelligent Logistics Center ' Asia One ', plus jingdong unmanned warehouse sorting AGV, automatic sorter, AGV forklift, robotic arm, intelligent packaging machine and other 12 kinds of automation equipment investment. The rookie network is located in Wuxi, Jiangsu Province, China's first IoT future Park officially put into service Tmall double 11. Nearly 700 robotic people have been officially on the line.

Rookie ' logistics Sky Eye ' has been connected to the German state, Zhongtong and other 6 express companies, through the video cloud monitoring system for intelligent identification scheduling, accelerate the operation efficiency of logistics station.

Rookie Lot Future Park Shunfeng continues to add to the logistics drone.

Shunfeng Logistics UAV is allowed to fly in the whole lake of Yangchenghu and some of the surrounding land airspace, will be used for the use of hairy crab and other characteristic fresh aquatic aircraft transport. Yuantong Express has put nearly 40 sets of automatic sorting equipment this year, the nearly semi-transshipment center for transformation.

In Xiaoshan distribution Center, with the rookie jointly opened the Super Robot Distribution center.

In Zhongtong Express, 24 transshipment Center online two-layer automatic sorting system;

Shentong Express more than 14 new and reconstruction and expansion transshipment center put into use, the expected new operating area of more than 230,000 square meters, the new average Daily Express processing capacity of 10 million pieces;

How does automatic sorting service logistics speed up?

1. Automation equipment instead of manual Sorting center sorting efficiency is directly related to operational efficiency, operational efficiency determines operating costs and courier service Quality. Operating costs are reflected in the central operating costs and transportation costs, and sorting center operation is the main work is sorting, loading and unloading, central operation, warehouse management, transmission orders, scanning, etc., mostly simple repetitive work, on the one hand, the demand for employment is large but the movement of people is also large, often labor shortage;

On the other hand, the labor cost continues to climb, and the labor problem directly affects the stable operation and cost control of the sorting center.

The average number of items in the main courier enterprises (million) As shown above, the main courier Enterprises Daily average volume, Shunfeng reached 7 million pieces, Zhongtong and Yuantong are more than 12 million pieces, the annual increase in business volume requires courier companies must have a strong logistics processing capacity, and these must be achieved with the help of automation equipment. The higher the penetration rate and degree of automation equipment, the higher the human efficiency, the more cost savings.

The practice of several major logistics companies has also proved that the introduction of automated sorting equipment can greatly improve the efficiency of single-person sorting, thus reducing transit costs and improving overall operational efficiency.

2. Automation equipment Upgrade Configuration

(1) Matrix sorting: Slider sorting system, Ball module with sorting, swing wheel, etc.

Automatic sorting matrix instead of manual sorting, the main upgrade in the use of barcode reading Equipment reading Barcode indicator slider, Ball module belt, Universal wheel for cargo direction differentiation;

Lu Hui Ball module with sorting system-large sorting matrix of an electric quotient

(2) robot small standard parts sorting equipment

The AGV robot breaks the fixed mode of the crossover belt automatic Sorter, the disassembly and transformation space is large, the combination way is flexible, the space utilization degree is high;

(3) AGV forklift AGV Automatic Guide Transporter has passed three generations of upgrading, the first for magnetic conductivity, two for two-dimensional code guidance, three generations of laser recognition automatic guidance.

Automatic addressing by equipment instead of forklifts, tractor drivers;

(4) DWS automatic weighing square equipment The barcode is read through the visual scanning system, and the volume and weight of the goods are measured in operation.

Improve the operation efficiency of medium and large pieces and reduce the manual input;

3. Data of Logistics

Logistics Automation is a system that integrates logistics, information flow with computer and modern information technology, not only the automation of equipment, but also the automation of information processing. The rapid development of e-commerce has also spawned a different from the traditional express e-commerce logistics. For example, Ali and Jingdong, the rookie and Jingdong logistics do the same thing-the establishment of a distributed warehouse distribution system based on big data.

They are fighting big data operational capabilities, warehousing and distribution, that is, through data arrangement, reasonable allocation of inventory and warehousing, in many ways to improve the efficiency of logistics express transshipment. Logistics automation is the main way to improve efficiency, unify standards, reduce costs and improve management level, and is also an important means of winning the fierce battle.