Fat people love sweating, not because they are afraid of heat, because of qi deficiency!

We all know that obese people are especially sweaty, sweating for a while, and even when they are inactive when the weather is hot, the sweat on their foreheads is falling down. This is not how hot people are afraid of heat. , seeking roots is because of qi deficiency.

Qi is the owner of Jin, has a solid effect on the body fluid, can prevent the loss of body fluid for no reason. Sweat is also a kind of body fluid, sweat is usually 'storage' by the gas under the human body surface, if the strength of the seal is not strong, sweat It can't be solidly photographed, and the flood like a floodgate overflows.

Of course, in addition to the fat people, many serious illnesses, overworked people are also easy to qi, self-perspiration.

A company boss asked me to see a doctor because the body loved sweat. In the ten minutes of the conversation, he took out a paper towel and wiped his neck, sweat on his forehead, and I wore a set more than him. Bai Dazhen did not feel how hot.

Looking at his body is a big belly, white skin, easy to get tired and weak, then told him that this is because the body is qi, the muscles are not solid, and the sweat is stunned, the most fundamental method is qi.

If it is qi, Huang Qi is the first, and there is also the effect of sweating. Zhang Jingyue, a medical scientist of the Ming Dynasty, praised it: 'The qi deficiency and hard sweat can be sent, the table is sparse and sweaty can stop. ' Gan, sexually lukewarm, although the taste is mild, but the effect is not worse than ginseng, and because the price is cheap, it is the most commonly used qi.

So, I recommend him a small prescription for qi: 20 grams of astragalus, 5 jujubes, 30 grams of floating wheat, a large bowl of fried daily, just like drinking tea, drink a few mouthfuls when thirsty, tonic The effect of sweat is very good. In addition to the yellow scorpion, the floating wheat is sweet and cool, and it also has the effect of eliminating the heat and stopping the sweat. The jujube is sweet, warm, tonic, nourishing and nourishing.

These three herbs are commonly used drugs in life, and the price is not expensive. Like the prescription of the medicinal herbs in the square, a pound of more than 40 yuan. The boss took the medicine for a week, and spent a total of less than 30 dollars to solve the problem. , repeatedly praised this method magical.

In addition to good qi effect, Astragalus also has the effect of dilating blood vessels. Large doses of more than 30 grams per day, soaked in jaundice tea, for high blood pressure patients with constitutional obesity, can also lower blood pressure, effectively prevent stroke and high blood pressure.

Nowadays, men are more entertaining, sports are less, their bodies are getting better, and their physical strength is getting worse. Many people look like five big and three thick, but climb a few stairs, move a few boxes of things and get tired and panting, sweating. This is qi Performance. Gas initiative, people can not adapt to the nature of Qi without exercise, gas can not get solid. To make yourself masculine, in addition to jaundice, the key to more exercise.

In addition, jaundice is slightly warm, qi is easy to get angry, so yin deficiency, oral ulcers or dry stools, should not be used. Ordinary people should also ask the doctor to diagnose the physique before taking jaundice, whether it is suitable for jaundice.