In the end, multiple is called fat? An indicator can judge

Recently, Robert, the founder of the theory of acid-base theory, was sentenced by the San Diego court to compensate a cancer patient for $105 million. This theory has also been applied to the field of weight loss, which is highly popular in the country and was finally confirmed to have its own form. Can't lose weight, nor can you burn calories that are too much ingested by yourself.

What is calorie? Calories are transliterated by English Calorie, an energy unit that is still widely used in nutritional metrology and fitness manuals.

In theory, the more calories we eat, the more obese we may become. Obesity can lead to high blood fat, high blood pressure, high blood sugar, and can cause cardiovascular disease or liver damage.

Therefore, we must pay attention to obesity. So, How to judge whether a person is obese?

In addition to our sly eyes, there is such a common formula for weight - BMI index. BMI = weight (kg) / height 2 (m). BMI index is currently used internationally to measure body fat and thin The degree and the standard of health.

China's adult BMI classification:

Normal weight range: 18.5 ≤ BMI< 24

Overweight: 24 ≤ BMI< 28

Obesity: BMI ≥ 28

Everyone is seated, to see what the weight is.

If you are already a fat partner, check out how to burn calories correctly.

1 Control to improve eating habits

Want to lose weight, burn calories correctly, and control diet is an essential part. If a person has long-term high-sugar, high-calorie diet, plus hobby snacks, beer and beverage diet, due to excessive energy intake, it is easy to cause obesity.

Reasonable diet control can effectively control calorie intake. Simple dieting and weight loss will not be too good. It is unbearable to eat too much every day. Many people either stop halfway, or eat after eating weight, leading to repeated weight loss. .

Even if the weight is reduced, it will cause the body to decline due to diet, and it is more likely to suffer from other diseases. It is recommended to control the diet scientifically.

2 Take your own legs

Exercise to lose weight, is the most effective way to burn calories. On the basis of adjusting diet, insist on daily exercise, calories burned through exercise, help to lose weight. Running, swimming, hiking and other sports can effectively burn calories. Moderate exercise, not Let your body be damaged by excessive exercise.

3 drug treatment and surgical treatment

Some obese patients have reached dangerous levels, and this time requires a faster and more effective approach.

Drug weight loss, is to use drugs with weight loss effect such as fenfluramine hydrochloride, reduce the body's excess fat, which has nothing to do with burning calories. Drug weight loss, short-term effect is significant, there are obvious side effects.

Surgical weight loss is the use of surgical methods to improve the patient's overweight condition. If surgery is performed, it will cause more or less harm to the body. The surgical weight loss method is traumatic, leaving scars and other complications. Should be carefully considered.