Grain and oil prices remain stable | Wood prices fluctuate

According to the monitoring of the Guangzhou Price Monitoring Center, in October this year, the prices of major commodities in Guangzhou generally showed a steady upward trend. Compared with September, the prices of major agricultural and sideline products in Guangzhou increased steadily; the prices of industrial production materials generally declined slightly. Tourism prices are mixed.

The prices of major agricultural and sideline products have risen steadily

In October, as in some large and medium-sized cities, the retail price of pork in Guangzhou increased, and the retail price of eggs showed a downward trend.

The price of live pigs increased significantly: Monitoring showed that the price of live pigs in October increased by 6.51% from the previous month, and the average price was 16.04 yuan per kilogram. The price of live pigs remained stable in the first half of October, basically maintained at 15 yuan/kg to 16 yuan/ Small fluctuations in kilograms, there is a more obvious growth in the latter half, and continue to run at high levels.

Pork retail prices rose slightly: The average retail price of four types of pork monitored in Guangzhou increased by 0.35% from the previous month, and the average price was 35.68 yuan/kg. Among them, the retail prices of lean meat, upper meat, ribs and pork ribs were compared. Last month, it fell 0.26%, up 0.78%, up 0.61%, up 0.4%.

The retail price of eggs decreased slightly and the wholesale price dropped significantly. In October, the retail price of eggs in the farmer's market was 11.61 yuan/kg, down 0.77% month-on-month. The wholesale price of eggs in the wholesale market of taro eggs was 8.76 yuan/kg, down 10.43 month-on-month. %.

Vegetable retail prices continued to rise slightly: the average daily vegetable trade volume of Jiangnan fruit and vegetable wholesale market was 8482 tons, down 1.94% from the previous month. The average comprehensive retail price of 32 major vegetables was 8.77 yuan/kg, up 3.06% month-on-month and up 12.87% month-on-month. The price of most leafy varieties decreased to varying degrees. Among them, the average monthly price of local cabbage, local cabbage and Xiaotang cabbage decreased by 9.67%, 8.77%, 7.24%.

Grain and oil prices remained stable: Guangzhou's grain and oil market prices remained basically stable. Among them, the retail prices of glutinous rice and early glutinous rice increased slightly, while Zhongyoumi and Xiayoumi steadily declined. The retail price of flour increased by 0.91% month-on-month. The month-on-month decrease was 3.74%, and the prices of other rice, noodles, miscellaneous grains and edible oils remained unchanged.

Chemical product prices fell slightly

The South China Construction Steel Price Index rose slightly this month: The South China Steel Index was 73.38, up 1.71% from the previous month. From the classification: the high line index was 95.91, up 2.78% from the previous month; the third-grade rebar index was 88.54, up 2.23% from the previous month.

The prices of chemical products fell slightly: the retail price of chemical products was 690.42 yuan/ton this month, down 0.14% from the previous month. The 15 varieties monitored were in the trend of '7 liters, 3 flats and 5 drops'. Among them, high pressure polyethylene, linear low pressure polyethylene , polypropylene, xylene, methanol, ethanol, sulfuric acid prices increased by 0.33%, 2.08%, 5.41%, 7.66%, 2.10%, 0.17%, 1.61%. The price of hydrochloric acid, soda ash and caustic soda were all equal. ABS resin, benzene, rubber (domestic natural 1# standard rubber), rubber (synthetic butadiene rubber) price decreased by 2.97%, 2.45%, 2.11%, 0.66%, 5.22%.

Timber price fluctuated and fell back: The price index of the fish bead wood rose to a mid-term in the first half of October, and began to rebound in the latter half of the year. However, the rate of increase did not exceed the previous month. The monthly income was 1073.51 points, down from last month. 1.2 points, the chain fell by 0.11%. The highest index of the day's index was 1081.80 points, the lowest point was 1066.64 points, of which, the monthly index of rosewood, flooring, wood-based panels, sawn timber and logs decreased by 0.76%, 0.10%. 0.09%, 0.08%, 0.07%.