Washing machine or art? Panasonic ALPHA Alpha Washing Machine interprets the beauty of life

'Construction unifies all crafts and fine arts.' This is the interpretation of Bauhaus by the first president of Bauhaus, Walter Gropius. In the design industry, the popular 'Bauhaus' design in recent years It has become synonymous with industrial design and has become one of the most important design styles in modern times. Then, what is the characteristic of 'Bauhaus' design, which can make the Panasonic ALPHA Alpha washing machine integrated into the 'Bauhaus' design popular.

Design comes from life, let quality and taste blend

'The purpose of design is function, not design itself' and once abandoned form, the function is changed, the current design is more biased towards human and social values, paying attention to the spiritual needs of users, so as a home appliance explorer Panasonic ALPHA Alpha Washing machine, perfect cross-border of the unity of technology and art, find a balance between product design and creation - and combine the aesthetics of industrial design with the ingenuity of quality, meet the preferences of the target group and the characteristics of users, close to the market, 揉The combination of product function and beauty enables people to improve their quality of life in the art life of simple space. Let the washing machine be like a work of art, and play the trend of the home appliance manufacturing industry.

At first sight, the Panasonic ALPHA Alpha Washing Machine, TA's minimalist appearance, boldly and decisively abandoned the redundant elements, simple and smooth lines outline the elegant posture, fully demonstrating the seamless design and use value Convergence.

The UI design from the classic five-barrel instrument panel has a professional reading performance and is stylish in simplicity. With a high-grade stainless steel cabinet, it is as reliable as a rock, and it has a high-end taste. It is derived from a high-end sports car. Wheel-type drum design, strong structure, matching 1600RPM industry's ultra-high speed, showing excellent washing performance in the texture. The automatic pop-up 'breathing' door designed according to the principle of car sunroof, can improve the texture of the whole body while maintaining The barrel is dry. Unlike the previous washing machine door material, the Panasonic ALPHA Alpha washing machine door is made of flat float glass. It has high durability, clear crystal clear, better sound insulation, and high-grade audio knob for the door button. Infinitely damped design, subvert the traditional design concept of washing machine. It achieves the delicate texture of crafts, without losing the traditional and practical characteristics.

Art is more than appreciation, technology creates superior performance

The classics are both internal and external. As a pioneering brand in the washing machine industry, Panasonic ALPHA Alpha Washing Machine not only has a beautiful appearance, but also has leading clean technology.

Panasonic ALPHA Alpha Washing Machine is equipped with Panasonic's nanoeTMX nano-water ion technology, which releases nano-water ions that penetrate deeply into every fiber of the garment, achieving deep sterilization and thoroughly removing odor. Combined with Ag+ light movement The silver sterilization technology can achieve high-efficiency sterilization under normal temperature washing conditions; for the aphids that can induce allergic dermatitis, asthma and other hidden in clothing, the industry's professional bipolar deodorization technology, the removal rate is as high as 98.56%. ECONAVI energy-saving navigation, can accurately control the cleaning effect, save water and electricity; APP remote intelligent control system, intelligent human-machine interconnection operation, making laundry more convenient.

The pursuit of art and beauty is human nature; serious life is an attitude in itself. The Panasonic ALPHA Alpha washing machine, which combines art and function, is not just a simple, cold-washing washing machine. It is people's enjoyment of life, love of quality life.