Double 11 Shopping Guide: A large inventory of young home furnishing brands worth buying

The double 11 is coming, and the pre-sale propaganda of major brands is undergoing 'in full swing'. The new generation of consumer groups have grown up with China's rapid economic growth, and have stronger consumer desires and abilities. Home products that enhance the quality of life are also Become a young man in the double eleven more choices. Now, Xiaobian for everyone to take a look at the young home brand welcomed by young people, for the double 11 purchase to make a reference!

IKEA: Extremely simplified style

The IKEA range offers a wide range of functions: from plant and living room household items to toys and the entire kitchen, you can find everything you need to decorate your home. Its style is very simple, romantics and minimalists can Finding what you need. On the other hand, IKEA, which focuses on offline, has recently set its sights on the line. At the end of October 2018, IKEA China expanded its online shopping to 149 cities and started e-commerce exploration with Shanghai as a pilot. Double 11 wants to set up their own home, whether online or offline, IKEA products are worthy of the choice.

Commander Electric Appliances: Complete purchase of home appliances

For the younger generation, the uniform style of home appliances has become a new demand for home appliances. As a light and fashionable home appliance brand of Haier, the company has seven categories including air conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines and water heaters, and has launched the industry's first set of light. Fashionable home appliance L.ONE makes up for the blank of the young home appliance industry, providing users with a more simple and comfortable lifestyle. During the double 11 period, the commander of the United Tmall launched the 'package full gift, the whole store interest-free, double points , member lottery 'and a variety of gameplay, users can buy fashion appliances in one stop, you can also enjoy a variety of rights and interests, you can pay attention to buyers.

All-Friends Home: Green Life Concept

All friends' products mainly include suite furniture, solid wood furniture, mattresses, sofas, soft beds and custom furniture, engineering furniture and other products. With 'green, environmental protection' as the core value of the brand, with 'young, fashion' as the brand personality With the brand name of 'Panda', we actively promote green design, which also helps young people to pursue the concept of green environmental protection into their home life.

Zara Home: Elegant style

The world's leading fast fashion brand Zara's home sub-brand. The products are sourced in Spain, Italy, China, India and other countries. Zara Home is not obsessed with the high saturation color of the European and American style, but more elegant. Keep up with the popular Trends, such as spring and summer, the brand intimately integrates greens and plants into every household item. Although the family can't grow a forest, but Zara Home buys plants around, it can also create a green and natural home. .

Introduced these, I believe that everyone will know more about these popular home brands. I hope everyone can be more cautious when shopping, to avoid blindness.