Boarding Room | TCL Air Conditioning Harvest 2018 US IDEA Design Award

The US IDEA Design Award, which has the reputation of the global industrial design Oscar Awards, recently officially announced the results of the 2018 finalists. The TCL air-conditioner T-Rui series won the 'International Excellent Design Award' and once again demonstrated the wisdom of China. Big country brand image!

2018 US IDEA Awards official website released T Rui award news

World-class design IDEA Awards are world-renowned

Established in 1979, the American IDEA Award, the full name of the International Design Excellence Awards, is mainly awarded to the products that have been released, commending the top product design, and the German IF and REDDOT design awards and the world's three major industrial design awards. , known as the 'Oscar' of the global design community.

As the only worldwide industrial design award hosted by the United States, the IDEA Award is highly influential in the world and is widely reported by the media worldwide. The IDEA jury gathers the best talents in the global industrial design community, in their respective fields. Experts. All award-winning products will receive important international publicity and exposure, as a reference and snapshot of the design of the annual Design Excellence Yearbook publications for the next few years, earned from the American Industrial Designers Association Online Winners Gallery, becoming a source of inspiration for the design community and industry. Inside the logo, and is eligible to use the IDEA logo in all product marketing.

T Rui series won the US 2018 IDEA Award

As one of the world's most respected, most prestigious and rigorous design competitions, IDEA has 20 competition categories covering life appliances and consumer technology, attracting tens of thousands of top product designs from around the world to participate in the fierce competition. There are many world-famous brands such as Apple, Samsung, Microsoft, Hewlett-Packard, Philips, LG, McDonald's, etc., and the design of the IDEA2018 finals with T-Smart Air Conditioner, including HP Jet Fusion 3D printer. IBM NS16e-4 NeuroSynaptic supercomputer, Toshiba and other famous brands.

TCL air-conditioning smart boutique set Dacheng represents T Rui series

The fine strategy of throwing the earth and the ultimate design authority

After the new upgrade, T Rui won the IDEA final, which is well-known for its selection. It fully reflects the high recognition of TCL air-conditioning design concept by the world design authority. In the era of consumption upgrade, consumers are eager for air conditioning. Perfect design, precise algorithm, intelligent intelligence as the core, product with connotation taste. To this end, TCL air conditioner began to highlight the four high design concepts in product development in 2018, namely high value, high intelligence, high cost performance, high reliability, On this basis, create a boutique strategy.

As a high-end flagship boutique with all-round ability, T Rui series has a full streamlined fashion appearance and a rounded shape. Champagne gold crystal panel is long-lasting and non-fading, noble and elegant, its side has abandoned the traditional square, round shape, and adopts bionic petals. The shape, the rose gold edging, is like a beautiful flower petals falling, pleasing to the eye. Integrated closed guide vane, smooth curved design, integrated with air conditioning, smooth and refined.

T Rui series internal machine perspective

In addition to the industry-leading super-high value, T Rui is also impressing consumers with bold innovations in functional design. The aircraft is equipped with a 'cool feel soft wind' system consisting of 14 pieces of soft wind blades totaling 1372 2-3 mm The micro-pore composition, combined with the specially designed 360° spin-closed motion large air deflector, can increase the air supply distance from 1.5 meters to 3 meters in the ordinary air conditioner, and provide comfortable, top-down room for the whole room. The bathing airflow increases the user's airflow comfort satisfaction rate by 53%.