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Along with the consumption upgrade, the global home appliance industry's ' health change ' is on the rise. November 8, Hisense held a new product tasting meeting in Chengdu, its air conditioning purification cross-border new products-' net wind ' air NET integrated Intelligent Inverter Air conditioning debut.

It is understood that the product to 1+1﹥2 's outstanding advantages to break the traditional air conditioning and air purifier single performance, after the industry's third generation of comfortable inverter male god x air conditioning, Hisense Air conditioning in the home comfort and health experience upgrade another masterpiece.

Focus on air quality to create a full range of comfort experiences At present, more than 90% of the world's population is suffering from harmful air pollution. Under air pollution, how can people breathe healthily? This undoubtedly requires home appliance enterprises through scientific and technological innovation, speed up the transformation of results, from the technical level to truly overcome this difficult problem.

The introduction of Hisense ' net wind ' air-cooled integrated air conditioner is the powerful response given by Hisense under the trend of the era of air conditioning and health. It is understood that Hisense ' net wind ' air net integrated air conditioning, the use of sea Sepp (HI-SAP) space-grade purification system. The system through air conditioning, purification of independent airway coordination, can achieve 3 minutes of the whole house air cycle refreshing, 12 minutes of the whole House air uniform purification, to solve the single purifier circulating air volume is small, slow purification speed, room purification is not uniform problem, to achieve the effect of 1+1﹥2; At the same time, Hisense ' clean Wind '

Air-Clean integrated air conditioning using the HEPA double-effect composite filter, efficient removal of formaldehyde and particulate matter in the room air, particulate matter card value up to 500m³/h, formaldehyde card value up to 100m³/h, to meet the National Air Purifier standards, air conditioning and purification functions can be opened independently, more safe, reliable and efficient. Equipped with Hisense Air conditioning ' intelligent Big Data Air Butler system ' hisense ' clean Wind ' air conditioning, through ' intelligent remote control ', ' intelligent voice manipulation ', ' Indoor air quality intelligent self-detection ', ' intelligent self-reminder ', ' intelligent purification ' five intelligent modules, real-time monitoring of user home indoor air quality.

When the indoor particulate matter content exceeded the active warning, push to remind the user to turn on the purification function, to avoid users miss the best purification time, when the filter use to reach the upper limit, timely remind users to replace, avoid two pollution, all-round care for the health of family members. It is worth mentioning that Hisense ' net wind ' air-cooled integrated air conditioning in the comfort and health of the wind also face the user pain point, reshape the user experience. Traditional air conditioning to ' wind ' warming and cooling, bring cool and warm mode, because ' straight blowing ', ' easy to get air conditioning disease ' and other drawbacks caused a lot of criticism. Hisense ' net wind ' air conditioning through the ' three-stage outlet ', ' variable wind direction independent zoning air supply ', ' air conditioning purification double airway airflow softening ', ' air volume 100 stepless Speed regulation ' and other leading technology, can effectively avoid ' wind blowing ', reduce ' air conditioning disease ', so as to balance the elderly, pregnant women, children different groups of different

Demand to achieve consumer comfort upgrades for the air conditioning experience.

Hisense ' net wind ' air conditioning is also equipped with Hisense to obtain the national patent of the ' humidity ' moisturizing technology, can monitor the indoor environment humidity in real time, one-click Direct to the 40%~65% of the best humidity zone, not only can effectively achieve moisture control and bacteriostatic, but also bring health and comfort experience.

At the scene of the tasting meeting, industry insiders and user representatives witnessed the purification process of Hisense ' net wind ' air-cooled air conditioning, and expressed admiration for its purification speed and effect.

Cross-border innovation enabling industry upgrade 2018 7, August, the air conditioning market ushered in high-temperature sales decline, which means that the air conditioning industry can no longer blindly ' sky ', through product upgrades to stimulate the high-end demand of users, become an important growth space for the future industry. Based on this, at the beginning of 18 Hisense Air conditioning heavy launch industry's third generation of comfortable inverter male god x air conditioning, through precise moisture control, from the humidity dimension to create user comfort experience.

The launch of the ' net wind ' air net integrated new products, based on the current user's urgent need for healthy air, from the air cleanliness of this dimension to re-upgrade the comfort of the indoor environment to build.

Tasting meeting Site, many industry insiders said that Hisense ' net wind ' air NET integrated new product launch, not only in the air conditioning beyond the purifier level of professional purification capabilities, its cross-border product concept for the current industry product upgrading provides more possibilities, in the current urgent need to really be able to pry the market quality products under the situation, has a leading significance. Hisense Air Conditioning product manager said that Hisense Air conditioning is committed to creating a comfortable frequency conversion, ' net wind ' air-cooled integrated air conditioning for indoor air health concerns, Hisense Air conditioning in the comfort and health of the re-add. Prior to the introduction of Hisense Air conditioning precision Moisture control technology, air conditioning on the indoor air regulation groundbreaking expansion to the humidity dimension.