Love to launch two 10W Qi wireless chargers: vertical 249 yuan, active cooling type 79 yuan

In the afternoon of November 9th, today, the well-known domestic technology evaluation institutions love to hold the 'winds coming' autumn new product launch conference in Beijing.

Love No said that as a technology evaluation agency, they have not received any advertising and investment from related vendors, and they are still 'independent'. The cost of their operation and support evaluation comes from the accessories/second mobile phone revenue, the video website is divided and the evaluation content is not relevant. advertisment.

At the meeting, Love No's accessories brand officially changed its name 'Love No Open', and launched S1 vertical wireless charger and W1 active cooling wireless.

S1 vertical wireless charging adopts costly aluminum alloy integrated molding process, the whole fuselage does not have any splicing and assembly; 65° tilt angle does not interfere with mobile phone face recognition unlocking; four-axis high-light chamfering, secondary anodizing; Double coil design, horizontal and vertical can be used; use easy to punch wireless chip solution (Qi standard), 7.5W/10W, USB-C interface, measured full iPhone X consumption is lower than the original line charge.

At present, the S1 vertical wireless charger has been put on the shelves in Xiaomi, priced at 249 yuan, can be purchased at 10 am on the 10th, and the whole channel is online on November 13th.

The front of the W1 is designed with a CD record and built-in cooling fan. Compared with the wireless fan with the same power and no fan, the iPhone XS Max can shorten the charging time by 90 minutes, even faster than the original wired charging. The fan is ultra-quiet and uses The highest noise in the middle is only 28 decibels, and the temperature of Android 10W is not over 30 °C.

Currently, the W1 wireless charger has already started booking at Aibu Mall. Pricing 79 yuan , December 15 began omni-channel delivery. The official said with confidence, if W1 is not as good as your wireless 200 yuan, the full return refund.

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