Let go! 210,000 clinics, 19,000 private hospitals can sell medical equipment

Medical Network November 9 news New policy! 210,000 clinics, 19,000 private hospitals can sell medical equipment, open pharmacies. Documents have been sent, the place has responded.
Clinics, community hospitals can 'open medical equipment'
Yesterday, the Liaoning Provincial Health and Health Commission issued the "Notice on the implementation of the reform of the administrative examination and approval of the health and family planning in the province", the approval of the establishment of for-profit medical institutions, the registration of medical institutions, the registration of medical practitioners and other approval projects Optimize access service reform.
It is worth mentioning that the "Notice" clearly states that 'allowing for-profit medical institutions to carry out medical-related business activities such as drugs and equipment, and medical activity places should be separated from other business activities,' since it is a for-profit medical institution to carry out drugs. Business activities, that also means that most of the social clinics, private hospitals can sell medical equipment.
Before this, if the clinic is going to open pharmacy To sell equipment, you must go through the start-up process and win the "Pharmaceutical Business License" and "Medical Device Business License". This process involves re-location, reporting various materials, waiting for approval, and meeting the corresponding manpower requirements. Because the path is long, many people give up.
Now that the policy has been liberalized, for-profit medical institutions can carry out medical device operations, as long as they are separated from the medical treatment. So the cost of operating medical devices for for-profit medical institutions is much lower, and the profit model has also increased. enterprise In other words, there is another profit channel, which is good for both parties.
So is it that for-profit medical institutions can operate drugs, and the policy is only in Liaoning Province? No, Liaoning Province is only the forerunner of national policy. Not long ago, the state has issued a document.
On October 10, the State Council issued the "Notice on the Opening of the 'Separation of Licenses' in the Whole Country." The specific issues in the first batch of national reforms to separate the 'proof of licenses' were mentioned - 'allowing for-profit medical institutions Carry out medical-related business activities such as medicines and equipment, and medical activity places should be separated from other business activities.'
Therefore, next, all parts of the country will mention this in the implementation of the 'separation of licenses' reform, for-profit medical institutions can operate drug The policy of the device will also follow. This is not a trend, but a fact.
Profitability hospital (clinic) can legally operate drugs, medical instruments The model is about to be implemented.
The clinic operates medicines, and the medical equipment is good.
In order to promote graded diagnosis and treatment, it is a top priority for medical reform to make medical resources sink. However, it is expensive to see a doctor. The problem of difficult medical treatment is that the public hospital cannot solve it. It must be taken care of by the society, especially the primary medical institutions. Complete the small illness does not leave the village, the major disease plays a vital role under the goal of the county.
However, at present, the clinic faces many pressures such as hospital siphon, medical risks, supervision and treatment mode supervision, etc. It is difficult to maintain survival, and there are many people who cannot continue to operate.
The reduction of clinics is very unfavorable for strong grassroots. Therefore, if the clinic can carry out the experience of medicines and medical equipment, the clinics will be diversified, which will ensure the normal operation of the clinic and directly lay the foundation for the implementation of graded treatment.
19.94 million private hospitals, 18.1 million clinics
What is the number of private hospitals and private clinics in China at this stage?
According to the data of the Health and Welfare Commission, as of the end of May 2018, there were 32,000 hospitals, including 12,145 public hospitals and 19,461 private hospitals. Compared with the end of May 2017, there were 451 public hospitals and 2,454 private hospitals.
(Note: The data comes from the Health and Welfare Committee)
According to the statistics of China Health and Family Planning Statistical Yearbook 2017, the number of domestic clinics has reached 169,367 in 2016. Since the new medical reform in 2009, the number of clinics has increased rapidly from 6,000 to 7,000 per year.