The contracted amount reached 8.3 billion yuan | Zhejiang enterprises made large quantities of imported drugs and medical equipment

Pharmaceutical Network November 9th, Sanofi, Johnson & Johnson, Siemens... November 7th, China International Import Expo jointly organized by Zhejiang Provincial Health and Health Committee, Zhejiang Provincial Department of Commerce - Zhejiang Province imported pharmaceutical supplies, medical equipment procurement The signing ceremony was held in Shanghai. This is one of the 24 docking and promotion activities of Zhejiang Province participating in the Expo. Many well-known foreign businessmen gathered at the scene, and the total amount of the contract was 8.3 billion yuan.
This signing activity is divided into imports drug Imported medical consumables, imported medical equipment in three links, imported pharmaceutical suppliers from AstraZeneca, Sanofi, Johnson & Johnson, Medtronic and other imported medical consumables suppliers and GE, Siemens, Philips and other imported imaging equipment suppliers respectively Zhejiang Pharmaceutical Machinery Purchasing Center (on behalf of users), 12 provincial level hospital And Dean Diagnostics, U.S. Health, Aibo Health, Tongce Group and other four health services enterprise Signed a letter of intent for purchase.
A number of foreign contractors told reporters that the import fair was abroad. medicine Exhibitors built a bridge to communicate with the Chinese government, for more foreign drugs and medical instruments Import conditions to create.
'I hope that pharmaceutical importers will take into account the changes in China's population aging trend and disease spectrum, taking the interests of all people's health and patients as the primary consideration, giving priority to the introduction of new technologies, new equipment, new drugs, and consistently introducing global experience in the field of disease into China. And with the Chinese health service sector and its successful practices to learn from and integrate with each other, colliding with more creative sparks, and constantly meet the growing demand of the people for high-quality medical services. 'The relevant person in charge of the Provincial Health and Health Commission said.