Exclusive model after 70s - Case CX350C

Some time ago I saw an article "Don't blame young people aloud, but you can make a hard-working middle-aged man". The content of the first look is very shocking, but it is not entirely unreasonable to read it carefully. Today's middle-aged people, especially Those who are still struggling in the first line of 70, the youngest is also near the year of confusion. Compared with young people who have just stepped into the society, they are more cautious about leaving the job, shouldering the dual pressure of life and work. Mortgage, children go to school, and support for the elderly can be the reason for the inability to leave after 70. The whole family is supported by this salary, either to break through the self to become a winner in life, or to continue to silence into the ordinary world.

Maybe after 70, you need a CX350C to help your counterattack. The perfect design has always come from multiple considerations.

The Case CX350C is matched with a 6-cylinder inline Isuzu GH-6HK1X with a net power of 212 kW (the maximum net power of the engine of the same class in the industry is 159~200 kW), and the maximum torque is 1500 rpm, which is 1020 N·m; Standard 6.15m standard boom and 3.1m stick, multi-angle bucket, faster cycle, and make the operation of the equipment easier and smoother, which helps to improve work efficiency. Flying sand, opening up Soil, perfect to meet the needs of the mine.

Case's fully computer-controlled precision (PCS) hydraulic control system makes every movement incredibly accurate and stable. According to the working conditions, there will be an afterburning function. In general, he has his own. Explosive power! Is it particularly cool? Case's unique PCS precision hydraulic control system is based on a number of hydraulic system intelligent technology to ensure efficient, energy-saving system. This is a Case for the Case excavator can be severe A more reasonable key technology for matching hydraulic power and operating speed in the operation. Think about it, when other excavators are working sillyly with brute force, Case can distribute the power more reasonably, so The efficiency is amazing!

The Case CX350C offers three working modes (Auto Advanced Auto Mode, Heavy Heavy Duty Mode, Superpower Super Power Mode), which is 5% more powerful than the original model. These three working modes provide greater digging force and more. Fast turning speed and stronger turning torque, the Case CX350C excavator can carry more than 10 trucks of material handling in the same working cycle. The faster cycle mode also makes the operation of the equipment easier for the customer. Smoother, it helps to improve work efficiency. According to the experience of foreign users, the transportation volume of Case CXC series excavators has increased by about 6%.

Low fuel consumption is the representative vocabulary of the new C. As one of the main engines of the Case mining model, the CX350C will earn higher profits for users from the perspective of fuel economy. Under the operation of the intelligent advanced energy management system, the CX350C passes 5 new fuel-efficient products. Function, saving 15% fuel consumption compared to the previous generation B series. Case Intelligent Advanced Energy Management System optimizes the control system used during operation and improves fuel consumption through original fuel-saving technologies such as idle speed shutdown, pilot pressure control and engine speed control. Economical.

Stripping, breaking, loading, every collision between steel and rock is a test of equipment strength, and cracking of the boom and stick happens. Of course, this damage does not appear in Case equipment. Because the upgrade of the structural parts makes the CX350C more suitable for heavy-duty operation. The CX350C is not only equipped with professional heavy-duty work equipment, but also has higher design strength and durability. The profile is 20%~40% thicker than the previous model, and it is strengthened with new stress. The board is sufficient to cope with continuous high-strength mine construction.

Nowadays, most of the 70s have their own business, and they have established their own families. They are the pillars in their work and in their lives. The double pressure brought up and down can only be felt by those who are in it. Silently suppressing yourself, or never give up the battle? Is the fish leaping dragon door to win the winner, or the original place to hold on. In addition to hard work, there is no choice!

Case is only willing to help you still dream of your dreams. With the excellent quality you can trust, you will become the killer on the road to breaking through the bottleneck! In 176, Case is constantly improving, constantly keeping the concern for users, constantly updating and letting products improve their work efficiency. , only for each and every struggler to carry forward on the road of chasing dreams.