Automobile Maintenance Industry Association: The price of common accessories for some brand cars has increased significantly.

The 10th Automotive Zero Ratio Research Report jointly released by China Insurance Industry Association and China Automobile Maintenance Industry Association shows that compared with the results of the ninth phase zero-scale comparison research released in April this year, the price of common accessories of some brands has increased. obvious.

The zero ratio factor is the ratio of the sales price of auto parts to the whole vehicle. The higher the coefficient means the higher the maintenance cost of the car. Among the 100 sample models, the highest car zero ratio factor is the Beijing Benz GLC, the lowest. The model is Beijing Hyundai IX 3 5 with coefficients of 6 5 3. 3 9 % and 1 7 1. 0 4 % respectively .

The study found that among the 100 sample models, the price of FAW Audi Q 3 common accessories rose the most, at 15.56%; the price of Audi A 8 common accessories rose the most, rising by 3 8 6 2 2. 2 8 yuan.

The study also found that the prices of common headlights, such as headlights, front door shells and rear door shells, continued to rise. Among them, the highest ratio of the headlights to the single-piece zero ratio is 2,015 Lexus ES, which is 6.43%. It is equivalent to about 16 of the cost of the headlights of this car to buy a new car of the same type. The lowest ratio of the headlights of the headlights is the lowest of the SAIC Skoda, which is 0.51 %.

The relevant person in charge of the China Insurance Industry Association said that since the release in April 2014, the automobile zero ratio has become an important indicator to measure the economics of automobile maintenance, and it is also an important reference indicator for the public to purchase cars rationally.