Huasheng Technology - Application of Laser Welding Technology in Plastic Products Industry

On November 9th, Guangdong Shunde Huasheng Machinery Technology Co., Ltd.—the application of laser welding technology in the plastic products industry was held in the conference room of Zhejiang Yuyao Zhongsu International Convention and Exhibition Center. Cheng Shu, the deputy general manager of Huasheng Technology, gave a lecture.

Cheng Shu, Deputy General Manager of Guangdong Shunde Huasheng Machinery Technology Co., Ltd.

Guangdong Shunde Huasheng Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. is located in China's home appliance capital of Foshan Shunde, China's southern Zhigu District A. Its technology is mainly based on the national science and technology transformation center - the National Engineering Research Center for Manufacturing Equipment Digital. It is the first professional plastics in China. The high-tech enterprise of R&D, production and sales of laser welding equipment is also the leader of domestic plastic laser welding technology.

This lecture is mainly from: 1, the current status of plastic laser welding application 2, plastic laser welding principle and characteristics 3, transparent plastic laser welding technology introduction 4, transparent plastic laser welding technology in the medical industry and industrial applications, etc. Cheng Zong said: Plastic laser welding is the latest plastic linking method in China. According to different principles, it can be divided into transmission welding and transparent welding. At present, domestic plastic laser welding has just started, and has not yet reached scale. Especially transparent plastic The difficulty of laser welding is still in the experimental research stage, and most of them are welded by adding absorbent.


It is understood that the principle of laser transmission welding is to use lap joint or lap joint in transmission welding, the upper test plate is partially transparent material, and the lower test plate is light absorbing material. Compared with the traditional welding process, the advantage is also obvious. With beautiful weld seam, firm, airtight and watertight, weldment surface intact, green, no toxic odor and harmful noise. Mainly used in home appliances, automotive, lighting, medical, electronics, packaging and other industries.

Based on the many advantages of plastic laser welding, it is regarded as the best choice and development trend of medical equipment welding. It is mainly used in the industry for automotive tire pressure detector welding engineering, automotive filter product welding and container tracker.

Plastic laser welding technology application case product

In this lecture, Huasheng Technology demonstrated the typical case of plastic laser welding, and the guests also visited the booth before the exhibition. They showed great interest in plastic laser welding technology.