Car maintenance knowledge: The first maintenance of the car can not be sloppy

After buying a new car, the owner often decorates the car beautifully, and ignores the maintenance of the car body. In fact, the first car body maintenance and waxing is often the quality guarantee for car maintenance in the future. Not good, there will be many problems in the future.

Although there is no aging problem in the new car paint surface, it should be thoroughly protected before use. From the factory to the transportation to the parking lot, the car paint has already touched the air, sour gas and sandstorm. Timely and correct maintenance can make love If you buy an imported car, the first thing to consider is that the car wax contains paraffin, resin and Teflon. Do not use gasoline or kerosene when removing wax. You should use professional waxing solution, or Go to a professional beauty care store, ask the technician to help. As for the domestic car, the body is mostly painted with green electric, and the paint surface is mirror-glossy, so there is no need for waxing.

The first time you wash your car, you can't be sloppy. If you don't clean it properly, it will damage the bright oil part of the outer layer. The car is not washed more and brighter, but the more it is washed, the darker it is. It is best to go to the dust-free manual car wash, choose neutral. Mild detergent, remove the sand and dirt on the surface of the paint. Some dirt is invisible to the naked eye. Chemical pollution such as flying paint, gum, alkali, acid, etc. should be completely removed. Just use the detergent to get rid of it. You must use a special decontamination clay to wipe it a little bit. After the car is cleaned, use the shock machine to seal the glaze into the paint. This is a new technology, sealing the glaze. The car does not need to be waxed within one year, only clean with water and then dry with a clean suede cloth, and anti-oxidation, anti-UV, keep the paint will not fade. Finally, in the tire, bumper, wheel Apply appropriate protective agents to the eyebrows to prevent aging.