How to maintain the best quality and save money?

How to maintain the best quality and save money?

Usually, the normal maintenance cost of the vehicle includes the cost of accessories, working hours and other materials. The initial use of the vehicle is mainly normal maintenance, and the cost is relatively low. When the vehicle is used for a certain period of time or a certain mileage, it will enter the maintenance period, and the cost is relatively high. Some. How can we save the car while ensuring quality?

Maintenance costs?

First, reasonable determination of the maintenance cycle

The car maintenance cycle refers to the interval or time of car maintenance. Regular maintenance can effectively guarantee the performance of the vehicle. Therefore, scientifically determining the interval mileage of various maintenance vehicles not only enables the car to maintain a good technical condition, but also saves Maintenance costs and repair costs.

When determining the maintenance cycle of the vehicle, the maintenance cycle recommended by the automobile manufacturer should be referred to, and the maintenance cycle should be properly adjusted according to the technical condition of the vehicle itself and the actual use conditions. The new car with good technical condition in good condition, under good operating conditions. Use, can properly extend the maintenance cycle; and automotive technology

If the operation condition is poor, or the application conditions are bad, the maintenance period should be shortened appropriately.

Second, make full use of free testing

Today's car maintenance stores are paying more and more attention to after-sales service, so the benefit for car owners is that they often enjoy free testing activities. These free testing activities are many seemingly simple, but very beneficial. Car owners can take advantage of these free tests. The activity comprehensively checks the car, discovers some potential faults in time, and eliminates these hidden troubles, eliminating the need for high maintenance costs in the future.

Third, as little as possible disassembly maintenance assembly

Many car owners have this feeling. Some of their own cars (such as the engine) will be out of control after disassembly and repair, and they will be treated as 'hospital' at intervals. This phenomenon is especially common in imported cars. Why? Will this happen? The reasons are manifold, mainly related to professional maintenance and assembly technology and accessories quality. In order to prevent the vehicle from entering the maintenance period prematurely, it is best to disassemble the maintenance assembly as much as possible, using various advanced The technical maintenance equipment and means, the car is free of disassembly and maintenance, not only can avoid unnecessary damage caused by disassembly maintenance to the car assembly and components, but also greatly speed up the maintenance of the car, improve the quality of maintenance, thereby reducing maintenance costs.

Fourth, the appropriate use of oil

Proper use of oil includes two aspects: one is fuel, and the other is lubricant. If the fuel is improperly selected, it is easy to cause the fuel filter to clog and other faults, causing the engine to have unstable idling, poor acceleration and increased fuel consumption. Accelerate cylinder wear and affect engine life. At the same time, it will increase the cost of maintenance and repair of the car.

Tips: Different brands and grades of lubricants, the quality of the difference is very large, the price is also different. The basic principle is: The most suitable for this car, is the best.