Have you ever paid attention to the maintenance of these places? Changing the oil is the same as maintaining the car? No, it's important to change these 4 parts!

With the development of society and the progress of the country, cars have become an essential means of transportation for every household to go out, and now the number of people buying cars is more and more, we have bought cars are very cherish, sometimes need to be maintained when rushed to 4S store maintenance, some drivers may not know the car very well, Every maintenance on the simple replacement of oil is over, but in addition to changing oil, a lot of things in the car need to be replaced, especially those who like to turn on air conditioning drivers, in the maintenance need to consider replacing the air conditioning machine filter.

So let's take a look today, it's easy to ignore a few parts when it's car maintenance.

Equal to the Speed festival This people may be unfamiliar, it is to protect the cage rubber sleeve, can prevent the entry of dust, and seal the role, if your car usually tumble feeling very strong or the engine is different, it is likely that this ball cage oil leakage, serious circumstances may occur traffic accidents, so we should pay attention to this,

You should pay attention to this situation when you usually drive.

Brake Calipers This part, as it is directly in contact with the ground. You think for a long time, that will definitely wear out, so long trek, will inevitably rust. If you keep it all the time, then the car tires will appear directly to hold the phenomenon of death.

Thus affects the braking function of the car, the fuel consumption will also be relatively much more.

Brake Split Pump When the car is maintained, this part will be particularly easy to ignore, but because this part needs to be directly and soil water and so on in the material contact, so it will be easy to have problems, such as the occurrence of braking effect is worse.

or the wheel holding stoning fault, so in the car maintenance also to check the maintenance of this place, especially in this place problems, but also affect the fuel consumption of the car, so this place in the maintenance must not be ignored.

Spark plug

You know, spark plugs are a key part of starting our car, and without this spark plug, our car can't fire, but this part also has a useful life, its service life is generally about 30,000 to 100,000 kilometers, although this data is not absolute, but also must regularly check the spark plugs.