Car maintenance does not pay attention to these seasons | Careful car change | 'Fighting car'

The winter is officially coming, the weather is getting colder, and it is time to remind friends and family to add clothing. But as the owner of the car, do you know? When the season is changed, the car needs maintenance and care~

Winter temperatures plummet, your car needs to be cleaned and maintained inside and outside. However, car maintenance is not as simple as you think, depending on the season, mileage and time of use, car maintenance under different conditions also has a variety of doorways. Winter car What should be taken from the maintenance?

The replacement of 'oil' and 'liquid' should be timely

First of all, oil replacement is necessary. The term 'oil' as used herein refers not only to oil, but also to transmission oil and brake oil. The term 'liquid' as used herein refers to antifreeze. The replacement of 'oil' is related to the car. The safety of the whole system, no matter when safety is the first! Secondly, the winter weather will become colder and colder. If tap water is used instead of antifreeze at this time, it will bring severe test to the cooling system of the car. The replacement of 'oil' and 'liquid' must be timely, and the choice of oil should also suit your model.

Wiper---Small and small effect

Secondly, the wiper needs to be renewed. Maybe you think that the wiper looks very small, it won't affect the general, but if it's not easy to use, it will cause you unnecessary trouble. Moreover, after summer The high temperature, the car's wiper is very easy to deform, affecting the use afterwards. Therefore, winter car maintenance must be updated inside, do not forget the inconspicuous wiper.

Be careful that the tires become 'untimed killers'

Finally, the inspection and replacement of automobile tires. The automobile tires are made of rubber, because the temperature changes cause frequent thermal expansion and contraction. In this case, the tires are most easily deformed or even damaged. After the summer heat, the automobile tires are also subjected to A big test. Therefore, when car maintenance in winter, the replacement of tires is also a top priority, must check whether the car tires have side drums, excessive cracks and other adverse conditions.