Today's sunshine suggests that you should replace the frozen winter glass cleaning solution in an environment below 0 degrees Celsius in winter, or add an appropriate proportion of alcohol to it to r

In the cold winter, people need to keep warm, electric cars need more protection.

How to carry out winter electric vehicle maintenance, winter low-speed electric vehicle maintenance what skills are the most concerned about the car family, today's sun to share some of the winter electric car maintenance common sense and methods to car lovers. Car lamp replacement, for the headlights, it is recommended that the owner, the lights in the black light bulb should be replaced as early as possible, but also to check the fog lights, brake lights.

Winter easy to frost, low visibility, a special number of rear-end accidents, so fog lights, brake lights work is normal, but also winter driving safety protection. Body Waxing, today's sunshine suggests that owners, before winter, it is best to do a ' beauty ' for the whole body of the car. Because after winter freezing, the number of scrubbing vehicles will also be reduced, so early winter waxing is a good way to maintain car paint.

In addition, the wax body is not easy to dip water, winter is not easy to appear in the phenomenon of condensation into ice. Tire maintenance, because the tire winter rubber hardened and relatively brittle, friction coefficient will be reduced, tire pressure can not be too high, but not too low. Because the external temperature is low, the tire pressure is too low, the soft tire will accelerate aging. In addition, winter to often clean the tire pattern inclusions, as far as possible to avoid the use of more than one tire, replace the wear more and today's sun different patterns of tires.

The wear inside and outside the tyre is very different, in order to ensure safety and reduce wear, the tire should be changed regularly to change the position. Warm wind maintenance, winter to the use of warm air season, warm air system in the stop use for a long time, will also be faulty, today's sunshine suggests to try whether there is a hot wind, fan operation has the same sound, the wind pipe is smooth.

Sometimes encountered in the warm air pipe in the antifreeze of the long-term non-flow, condensation blocked the circulation of the pipeline situation, although does not affect the driving, maintenance is very troublesome, so there is a problem must be repaired in time. Although the use of glass cleaning fluid in winter will be significantly reduced, but also can not be ignored. Some owners use water instead of other seasons, but those substitutes often freeze in winter, so they are not available in winter.