British manufacturers launch potato chips that are completely degradable in product packaging

Recently, a potato chip maker in the UK called Two Farmers has introduced a potato chip that can be completely degraded. This potato chip has four flavors, and the shape of the outer packaging is no different from the general potato chip packaging. Its inner layer is also made of metal film, but the outer layer is made of eucalyptus fiber. This eucalyptus fiber film is very similar to the general plastic film. But it can be completely degraded.

This product can not only be decomposed by the packaging film, but also the ink used for printing can be naturally decomposed. During the whole manufacturing process, the electric energy converted by the gas in the anaerobic digestion tank is used.

According to foreign media reports, this degradable vegetable plastic packaging can be broken down into fertilizer by microorganisms within 26 weeks. The manufacturer Two Farmers also took a big step toward the environmental protection process, perhaps in the near future. Types of degradable packaging will be used by more potato chip manufacturers.