ZEBRA Zebra new push multi-energy pen B4SA1-A4 stripe series

On weekdays, notes need black pens, blue pens,
I need a pencil to write and draw.
Wrong drawing, I want a block eraser,
Focus on changing a red pen...
If these things are all the same,
Oh, I am afraid I have to take a full pencil case again.

For those who have a variety of pen needs on a daily basis,
Have a multi-function pen B4SA1-A4,
It makes it easier to work, study and live with pens.

In the work record,
Black, blue, red, green, four colors + automatic pencil alternately switch.
The notes are better and easier to read.

The end of the pen is rubber storage.
Gently pull the lid open and you will see a small rubber.

Elastic pen holder,
Easy to hold multiple pages of notes.
The pen holder itself is also a slide switch for pencils.

It is worth mentioning that,
In addition to the above functions, this B4SA1-A4
Also performed very well in terms of comfort.
It uses a rubber grip.
Let the writing feel get the best improvement.

Smooth writing,
Hold on each paper.
Homework, exams, meetings, and writing at any time can be easily handled.

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