Pentel launches second generation PHILOGRAPHY

Pentel has launched the second-generation PHILOGRAPHY business signature pen to create a limited color, and then upgrade the value, adding a sense of high quality to your maturity.

Simple and generous design, metal material, matte finish, low-key sense of high-level and mature, and cost-effective, is a must-have weapon for you to enter the business battlefield.

On this basis, 'ENERGEL PHILOGRAPHY' launched the second generation.

Based on black, it is limited to 5 colors.

Unlike the first generation of the silver pen holder and the pen in the middle of the pen body, the second generation changed it to black, adding texture and more fun.

Following the first generation of the pen body color, featured black, red, dark blue, gray, lake blue 5 colors, available for different preferences.

Continued the first generation of rotating core design, bringing more sense of high-level, mature.

And maintain the consistent advantages of ENERGEL, quick-drying, not sticky, not halo.

Ink rich, clear

5 kinds of specifications can be replaced, you can choose your favorite thickness.

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