Wanhua Chemical Selects Honeywell Connected Factory Technology

Honeywell today announced that Wanhua Chemical Group Co., Ltd. will use its Honeywell Connected Plant Process Reliability Advisor to monitor its UOP C3 OleflexTM propane olefin plant at its Yantai plant in Shandong. It is the first time that process reliability consulting services have been applied to the Chinese market.

Wanhua Chemical has the world's largest OleflexTM process unit, which converts propane to propylene with an annual production of more than 750,000 tons. Propylene is the main chemical raw material used in the manufacture of a variety of plastic resins, films and fibers.

The Interconnect Factory Process Reliability Advisor is part of Honeywell's Connected Plant solution. It continuously absorbs plant data through sophisticated software that combines Honeywell's UOP process and fault models to provide key performance indicator information and process recommendations. Identify potential problems ahead of time, thereby avoiding impact on production and plant profitability, and ensuring long-term stable operation of the plant.

Mr. Yu Feng, Vice President and General Manager of Honeywell Specialty Materials and Technology Group, Liu Maoshu, Vice President and General Manager of Honeywell UOP China, and Mr. Qian Zhaogang, General Manager of Purchasing Department of Wanhua Chemical Group Co., Ltd. signing ceremony

'Process Reliability Consultant combines Honeywell UOP's proprietary process knowledge and extensive troubleshooting experience to be the industry's only outstanding service system that delivers faster, more accurate operational tuning recommendations. ' Honeywell UOP Liu Maoshu, vice president and general manager of China, said, 'With this service, the factory can continue to operate at maximum capacity.'

Honeywell Connected Factory technology combines Honeywell's unique industry expertise, software and digital technologies to help customers achieve more reliable operations and ensure profitability and safety. As part of Honeywell's Connected Factory product line Process reliability consultants can help refineries, petrochemical and natural gas processing plants increase the transparency of process operations, help plants identify and address issues that require additional testing and cause production disruptions, and prevent unplanned downtime due to maintenance and overhaul. This could cost the factory millions of dollars in capacity lost each year.

'Process Reliability Consultant can combine process data with UOP's expertise to continue to serve customers through powerful software. 'Liu Maoshu also pointed out, 'This service can interconnect factory data with relevant domain knowledge and gain new Ideas to improve operational reliability. '

Honeywell UOP's C3 OleflexTM technology converts propane to hydrogen to produce propylene, a platinum-alumina based catalyst system with low energy consumption, low emissions, and fully recyclable features to minimize environmental burden. Compared with technology, this technology is more conducive to reducing cash production costs and improving return on investment. Since 2011, Honeywell UOP has successfully licensed 35 OleflexTM technologies in China.