OPPO R17 Pro super flash charge measured: 35 minutes full | completely farewell to battery life anxiety

OPPO R series flagship product OPPO R17 Pro is currently pre-sale in the official website. Compared with the previous R series products, R17 Pro is more comprehensive and powerful in function configuration. It is a comprehensive flagship featuring the latest technology. Especially OPPO In the fast charge field for many years, this time OPPO R17 Pro also comes standard with SuperVOOC super flash charge, the official said that 10 minutes can be charged to 40% of the total mobile phone power, can be said to be very powerful. I believe as a user on the OPPO R17 Pro This feature is also very interesting, this time we also do a special test on the R17 Pro super flash, and explain the implementation principle of SuperVOOC.

To improve the charging speed of the mobile phone is to increase the charging power, power = current × voltage. The charging power of SuperVOOC is close to 50W. In order to realize this charging power, there are two options to choose from. One is the 10A5V high current solution. One is the 5A10V large voltage scheme. It looks simple, but in fact there are a lot of technical difficulties to overcome.

1, first of all, the voltage is not how big it can be, beyond the voltage threshold that the battery can withstand, there will be security risks.

2, the current is too large, it will cause nearly 4 times the heat increase, not safe.

3, SuperVOOC uses a dual-cell series connection scheme. When the battery cells connected in series are used to supply power to the mobile phone, the voltage is added. If the voltage is too high, the mobile phone cannot be powered.

4, how to be compatible with non-SuperVOOC adapters.

The above question, how is OPPO solved?

First of all, SuperVOOC uses the principle of series voltage division, and adopts the design of series double cells, so that the voltage on each cell is only the output voltage. Each cell is subjected to 5V5A. This ensures the battery core. The voltage to withstand will not exceed the safety threshold, avoid overheating and ensure safety.

The series double cells solve the safety problem during charging, but the total voltage during the discharge is additive, and then the voltage must be stepped down. SuperVOOC uses the charge pump technology to double or lower the voltage. OPPO will It is used in the discharge process of the battery core, using the charge pump to halve the voltage of the double battery to reach the available supply voltage of the mobile phone. OPPO also designed an independent step-down chip to control the discharge circuit.

The fourth question above is how to be compatible with non-SuperVOOC adapters on the market. This is not achieved by reducing the charging power. Because the charging voltage required for the dual cells is relatively large, the minimum is 8.8V. Below this voltage, it is impossible to give the mobile phone. Charging. That is to say, the adapter at the output must provide at least 10V charging voltage. In view of the low-power adapters left in the market, such as the 5V1A adapter of the iPhone. If you forget to carry the SuperVOOC adapter, it will cause too much inconvenience. OPPO has specially customized a boost chip boostcharger to boost the output voltage of the low voltage adapter to reach the voltage required for the series double cells.

I also use a number of non-SuperVOOC adapters to perform charging tests on the R17 Pro, which can be used normally and have a very wide compatibility.

As mentioned before, SuperVOOC's charging power is close to 50W, which is unique in the industry. Safety is especially important under such a large charging power. SuperVOOC Super Flash has 5 core protection and 5 protection, custom-made VCU chip It is used to control the temperature of the whole line controlled voltage control, ensuring safety in all directions. On the SuperVOOC Super Flashing Open Day on November 6, OPPO announced that the R17 Pro super flash charging has passed the certification of the German Rheinland Express Fast Charge System.

OPPO R17 Pro battery capacity is 2x1850mAh, equivalent to 3700mAh battery energy. The following is the charging data of OPPO R17 Pro, recording the charge every 5 minutes.

In actual test, it started from 0% of the air-powered state. But because it is charging too fast, I am setting the interval reminder for tens of seconds and it has already charged 4% of the power, which is too fast. I have neglected this point. So the recorded charging test started from 4%, but it didn't matter.

The measured data, from 4% to 100%, OPPO R17 Pro used to charge time 27 minutes. And OPPO officially said, OPPO R17 Pro 10 minutes to charge 40% of the total electricity, 35 minutes full. From the actual test data, There is no problem at all.

It should be noted that SuperVOOC is equipped with OPPO self-developing VFC flash charging algorithm, and the charging end trickle charging speed is increased by 200%. It takes only 7 minutes from 80%-100%.

Through actual tests, the charging speed of OPPO R17 Pro is really very fast, it can be filled in about half an hour, and it is in the leading position in the current similar products. There is no obvious heat in the charging process, and the overall experience is satisfactory. .

Now, SuperVOOC super flashing is already a very mature technology. Whether it is in the first half or the second half of charging, it can maintain very fast speed. At present, OPPO has been officially opening VOOC flash charging for many years. The patent license will promote the popularity of flash charging technology more quickly.