What a good life is? TCL Ice Wash uses innovative technology to give you the answer!

I don't know when to start, quality life has become synonymous with high-end luxury, 挎 platinum bag, with big table, whenever you take a selfie, you have to break into the big logo. The standard movement that looks like decent and elegant shows the exaggeration of the artificial creation, better like the far Far from the essence of life. Because people who have requirements for quality of life are not necessarily rich people, but they must spend money on people who can improve their quality of life. They pay attention to the experience needs of their real life, pay attention to health balance. Lifestyle, better know how to maintain a true self in a noisy social environment, have the ability to perceive and discover good things in a simple life. And they have become practitioners of 'good life'.

For a post-80s white-collar worker of the 996 work system, it is a good life to keep a passion for food in an anxious and fast-paced work life, to make simple but healthy three meals a day; For mom, it’s a good life to know how to use the Internet to find practical and efficient maternal and child products, to protect the baby’s healthy growth every day. For an uncle who is a pillar of the post-70s society, life is to enjoy the most cutting edge. Health technology products, from each detail to control the changes in their physical condition; return to the real small life, enjoy their own quality and good quality. Just as TCL refrigerator washing machine with strong ingredients and technology to cleanse and wash clothes Innovation protects the user's healthy life and guards every user every day.

TCL integrated frequency air-cooled refrigerator, forgetting to worry about returning to the original

Under the garland of the Chrysanthemum, the idyllic life of Nanshan is almost the dream of every city. Everyone wants a slow-paced lifestyle, rent a yard and nature as a companion, and experience the beauty of life in three meals a day. It is like opening the door of TCL integrated inverter air-cooled refrigerator, welcoming the fragrance of your fresh ingredients.

There are clouds in ancient sayings, everything in the world, only love and food can not live up to. In urban life, every day want to taste fresh food, you must rely on the power of technology. Compared to ordinary refrigerators, TCL integrated frequency air-cooled refrigerator unique integrated Control double frequency conversion technology, achieve 2 minutes of rapid cooling 1 ° C. Whether it is lobster sea fish or Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs, through the powerful quick-cooling lock function to lock the ingredients fresh, retain the original flavor of the ingredients. Whether busy is office workers or full-time families Housewives can enjoy the fun of cooking and 100% of the ingredients. In the kitchen, I feel the true nature of life, and I use the taste buds to perceive the taste of food.

In addition, the shrinking fruits and vegetables are almost a nightmare for every foodie. If it suffers from decay and deterioration, it is more harmful to human health. Fortunately, TCL integrated frequency air-cooled refrigerator full space permanent AAT negative oxygen ion fresh-keeping technology, Provides 360-degree curing of the ingredients, such as dust removal, deodorization, sterilization, and fresh care. It achieves a water retention rate of more than 90% for fruits and vegetables for 7 days. Users who can buy food without any food can eat delicious fruits and vegetables at any time. In the fall, take out the refreshing tomatoes, cucumbers from the refrigerator, bite a sip of juice, fruity, cool, so good.

More importantly, in order to avoid the contamination of the ingredients by the bacteria in the refrigerator, TCL integrated frequency air-cooled refrigerator uses anti-mildew grade silver ion antibacterial handle, anti-mildew grade 1 antibacterial door seal, AAT+ smart wind, new upgraded T-Hips Modified antibacterial materials, remove a variety of harmful bacteria from the outside to the inside, protect the freshness and safety of the ingredients, and provide thoughtful health care for the family. Fresh and healthy eating from here, no longer cause gastroenteritis due to bacteria in the refrigerator Over.

On the other hand, whether it is a middle-aged uncle who is troubled by health and anxiety, or a '90-year-old mother' who cares for the two children, they can also pass the TCL integrated frequency air-cooled refrigerator in their own plain life. Find a cure for anxiety. TCL integrated frequency air-cooled refrigerator exclusive storage partition, with dry and wet partition, 3 °C maternal and child area, -1 degree fish meat thermostatic lock fresh area, red wine tea health products special food storage area, large space for exclusive Professional, let fresh and more natural, truly realize the upgrade of ingredients from 'simplified storage' to 'storage conservation', to create a smart health home from the outside to the inside, from shopping to storage for three meals a day. When a dish looks good, aromatic When the overflowing delicious food is in front of your eyes, it is not only your empty stomach, but your whole soul.

TCL pollution-free washing machine

Life is not only in front of you, but also poetry and distance. Anxious busy daily work makes laundry a must-have in people's lives, and is one of the most chores of households. Although the emergence of washing machines has solved people to some extent. The troubles, but this is not a once and for all.

As we all know, after a few years of use of ordinary washing machines, the interior often deposits a lot of dirt to breed bacteria. Even the cleaning agent for washing machines is difficult to achieve thorough cleaning. Imagine if you wash your underwear with such a washing machine, wear it. On the body, a lot of bacteria will pose a threat to your health. How to give the clothes a thorough cleaning in the most convenient way in the shortest time? TCL pollution-free washing machine gives its own answer.

TCL pollution-free washing machine realizes all-round, whole process, 100% free life of the whole process by changing the internal structure of the clothes machine, completely eliminating solid pollutants and germs. From now on, you can safely hand over the clothes to the washing machine. Don't worry about the dirty water laundry in the legend. You can also say goodbye to the washing machine detergent sold in the market. Especially for families with children, bid farewell to the secondary pollution of laundry, cross-contamination is to really improve the quality of life, to protect children with cleanliness. Health is true life.

At the same time, for the cold and humid southern region, drying has become an essential function of the washing machine. Office workers can't stand the long-lasting drying process. Fortunately, the TCL pollution-free washing machine adopts the first low-temperature quick-drying condensation washing and drying system. Machine, to achieve a 40-minute speed wash and dry one - 2 shirts 40 minutes speed wash, that is, wash and dry. Use the fastest way to solve the problem of washing and drying, dressed in clean and warm clothes to step out of the house, can be described as warm Going in my heart.

More importantly, compared with the traditional washing machine, TCL pollution-free washing machine can achieve 50-degree low-temperature drying care, so that the clothing can be refined and dried during the low-temperature drying process, even wool, down, silk and other materials. High-end down jacket, cashmere coat, winter laundry is still as new. Really for the user to create a comprehensive care from clean laundry, healthy care, comfortable wear to dignified travel. Let you keep doing under busy and stressful work conditions Cleanse myself.

Do not forget the original heart to achieve the big country brand, innovation and technology to create a good life

TCL refrigerator washing machine has not forgotten its original intention for 20 years, adhering to the pragmatic and innovative corporate philosophy, and innovating for the healthy life of users. 20 years of hard work, benefiting from the times, TCL refrigerator washing machine has achieved its own big country brand identity, and shoulders the new era of big country brand. The new mission is to showcase China's smart style on the global stage. In 2018, TCL refrigerator washing machine brand new upgraded pollution-free +, smart health + product brand strategy, unswervingly promote the Group's 'double + strategy' landing, providing users with the ultimate product experience With service.

As of the first half of this year, TCL refrigerator washing machine shipments have exceeded 2 million units; globally, TCL refrigerators increased by 9.1% from January to September; TCL washing machines increased by 21.2% year on year. Standing on the world stage of big country brands, TCL refrigerator washing machine explains the experience of healthy life to the people of the world. In the product innovation of refrigerators and washing machines, it is continuously integrated into more humanized and close to users' technology functions, bringing intelligent care and infinite touch to family life, providing users with The ultimate experience of products and services, make life more exciting.

As Wang Xianju, general manager of TCL White Appliances Division, said, innovative technology and insight into the real needs of users are the source of product differentiation, and the source of product strength. TCL refrigerator washing machine will also become a user's intimate life assistant and health. Butler. It can be imagined that with the increasing pressure of modern people's work and life, a healthy and quality lifestyle will become the pursuit of the public, and returning to the true state of life will also become an antidote to the anxiety of contemporary people.

This double eleven, let the TCL refrigerator washing machine create a real life that belongs to you with true quality!