Hisense Air Conditioning actively undertake enterprises in the green development should be committed, with a series of energy-saving innovative technology, not only become a green energy-saving enviro

November 6, the fourth session of the Green manufacturing and quality improvement technology and standards Exchange held in Foshan, the purpose of this meeting is to promote the greening of production methods, further improve product quality, and promote green economic and social development. At the meeting, with the promotion of technological innovation to green production, Hisense (Shandong) Air Conditioning Company successfully shortlisted ' 2018 Green Pioneer Enterprise ', its three products: Hisense male God x Cabinet KFR-50 (LW/A8L200Z-A1), hisense male God hanging machine KFR-26 () gw/ A8Q200H-A1, Hisense Gale Cabinet Machine KFR-50 (LW/EF18N-N2), successfully shortlisted for the green leading products.

Hisense Air conditioning in this swoop won the brand and product two awards, representing the industry on the Hisense Air conditioning leading industry innovation and technology, energy-saving results fully affirmed.

Science and technology first Hisense Air conditioning into green pioneer In the green economy, to promote the transformation of consumption to green under the general situation, increase energy-saving technology and product research and development efforts to become an important issue for home appliance enterprises.

It is reported that the conference by the China Green design and manufacturing industry Innovation Alliance, such as 11 units, the guidance of the China Institute of Standardization, China Institute of Standardization Branch and other units to undertake, through expert review to select the ' Green Pioneer Enterprise ' and ' green leading products '. As China's earliest commitment to Inverter air conditioning R & amp; d, production and popularization of the enterprise, Hisense Air conditioning around energy-saving innovation and continuous power, and the green concept into product functional innovation, independent research and development of the total DC frequency conversion technology, dual-mode frequency conversion technology, such as eight generation frequency conversion technology, its introduction of accurate moisture control 360 Degrees dazzling transfer wind, wind blowing people to avoid people, Nanoe nano-water ion technology and other functions, successfully for users to create a full range of comfortable quality life.

At this meeting, with the accumulation of frequency conversion technology and through product innovation to the user's green life concept of satisfaction, Hisense Air conditioning in the brand and product level has been fully recognized in the industry.

Product iteration to meet the user's green living needs At present, more and more users of the demand for air conditioning from refrigeration heating, to high efficiency and energy saving, health, comfort and other greener quality of life satisfaction.

This shortlisted green leading products of the hisense male God X (L200) cabinet machine, male god (Q200) hanging machine and Gale (ef18n) cabinet machine, from the user needs to start in the green energy saving, comfortable and healthy aspects of the iterative upgrade.

Hisense Male God X (L200) Teller machine Among them, hisense male God X (L200) Teller machine through the self-developed core frequency conversion drive technology and refrigeration system intelligent control technology, improve the efficiency of compressor and fan motor, with PFC power factor correction algorithm to achieve a power factor of about 0.95, to achieve efficient electricity saving; 360 degree dazzling transfer wind design and patented time-sharing temperature and humidity dual-control technology, in the creation of a full angle of wind, while the humidity control in the 40%-65% of the best comfort range, give people the best sense of body enjoyment, enjoy the comfort of home life.

In addition, Hisense L200 cabinets also have Nanoe nano-water ion technology, not only beauty and moisturizing, to maintain beautiful skin, but also sterilization deodorization, remove PM2.5, for users to create a healthy and comfortable quality home life. Hisense Male God (Q200) hanging machine using a new type of environmental protection refrigerant, non-toxic pollution-free, high refrigeration efficiency, to avoid the greenhouse effect and the destruction of the ozone layer, more environmentally friendly. At the same time, in order to give users a more excellent experience, Hisense Q200 hanging Machine also has FPA full purification, Hi-smart intelligent Sensor control technology, for users to create clean good air.

The product also has indoor and outdoor machine independent self-cleaning technology, so that air conditioning blowing out of the wind more healthy. At present, the development of environmental protection green economy has become the industry consensus.