Zhong Yikang: Haier refrigerator against the trend of growth in October, the cumulative share of 35.5% ranked first

On November 6, Zhongyikang, the domestic authoritative market research institution, released the refrigerator market data for October. The data shows that Haier refrigerator market share was 36.3% in October, an increase of 27.6%. In addition, as of October, the refrigerator market is still in a downward trend. The annual growth rate decreased by 3.9%. In this environment, Haier refrigerator achieved a contrarian growth of 7.1%, and the annual share was 35.5%, ranking first in the industry; in the price range of more than 10,000 yuan, the annual increase was 4.7%. .

It is reported that the reasons for the decline in the refrigerator market are various. First, the refrigerator market has officially entered the post-2013 policy era, and it has also announced that the refrigerators in China are basically completed in the mainstream, the family is saturated. Second, the real estate market The growth rate has further slowed down. According to the National Bureau of Statistics, from January to August 2018, the total sales growth of existing homes increased by 19.1%, which was 30.8% lower than that of the same period of last year, and the pulling effect on the refrigerator market was limited.

As for the current market performance, industry veteran Liu Buchen believes that major manufacturers should increase the research and development of differentiated products. By improving the product structure and promoting the upgrading of fresh-keeping technology to meet consumer demand, refrigerator companies can increase market share and achieve sustained growth. Haier refrigerator can achieve contrarian growth, mainly because it insists on zero distance between technology and users, and meets the user's storage needs.

In recent years, people's living standards have been continuously improved, high-end imports, organic foods have been continuously served on the table, how to ensure the healthy nutrition of such ingredients has become the most concerned issue for consumers at present. This also builds a higher threshold for the refrigerator fresh-keeping function. According to the survey of Zhongyikang United Red Top Award, the three factors that consumers pay most attention to when purchasing refrigerators are preservation technology, energy saving and intelligent control, among which the preservation technology has attracted attention up to 41.3%.

The research and development of targeted new products of refrigerator companies is also aware of this problem. Compared with previous years, the competition in the fields of intelligence, multi-door, frequency conversion, etc., since 2017, the high-end new products of mainstream brands have paid more attention to the preservation technology. The preservative products introduced by mainstream brands in the industry, most of their preservation technology innovations are concentrated in the cold room, ignoring the exploration of the preservation technology of the freezer, which makes the problem of nutrient loss in the freezer room prominent.

In order to meet the consumer's fresh-keeping needs, Haier has introduced a chilled and frozen banquet refrigerator. Its freezer storage technology solves the problem of 'heating' in the air-cooled refrigerator defrosting, ensuring that the ingredients are not punctured. The nutrition is not lost, which has become the new opening method of the 2018 frozen and fresh-keeping market. In the cold storage room, the Haier banquet refrigerator is also equipped with a fine-controlled micro-channel and dry and wet storage technology to achieve fruit and vegetable without losing water. With the original technology to achieve refrigeration and refrigeration, Haier refrigerator has gained market and consumer recognition.

In the era of Internet of Things, consumer demand is more personalized and diversified. Only by stabilizing consumer demand can enterprises be in a dominant position in the market competition. Under the guidance of the single-in-one mode, Haier relies on the global 10+N R&D model, in parallel. Global consumer demand, continuous innovation to meet the consumer demand for disruptive products, thus achieving sustained growth in the market and share of the lead.