Xiao Yuba also has a university question | Many people have chosen the wrong one.

Bathing in autumn and winter is a test of people's projects, Yuba is my life. But many people on the Internet said that it is very dangerous to choose Yuba, and go home to see my family's Yuba, unqualified! Change immediately!

There are many Yuba products, how to choose in the end? At present, the market is mainly divided into lamp warm bath and wind warm bath.

Lamp warm bath

Light-heated Yuba refers to a device that integrates heating, ventilation and lighting. It uses 2盏 or 4盏275W hard quartz explosion-proof bulbs for heating. It is hot immediately and can obtain a wide range of heating effects in an instant. Good sex, cost performance is also relatively high.

There is also a certain defect in the lamp warm bath. First of all, the infrared light of the lamp warm bath is a kind of radiation, which may cause high temperature damage to the human body. Secondly, the glare of the heater is very easy to burn the eyes, and the child should not look directly, because the work is 3. In a humid environment, the work of heating the bathroom has a certain risk.

Wind warm bath

The air-heated Yuba has an air inlet and an air outlet. When working, the fan is used to encourage air flow. The cold air flows in from the air inlet and flows through the PTC ceramic heating element. When it is blown out, it becomes a warm air. Its temperature is uniform and the heating effect is good. , adjustable performance, suitable for bathroom heating in a small space.

The air-heated Yuba is very safe, but it has a relatively large power, but it takes a long time to warm up. This is its shortcoming.

Selection point

Bathroom area

If your bathroom has a large bathroom area and you want to have a good heating effect, you may want to consider installing a warm heating bath with a warming speed. If your bathroom area is small, the air heater is also a good choice!

If you need to install the lamp warm bath, generally choose the bathroom at a height of 2.6m, the bath of the two bulbs is suitable for the bathroom of about 4 square meters, and the bathroom of the four lamps is suitable for the bathroom of about 6-8 square meters. The choice of Yuba designed with a large lamp distance, because the distance between the heating bubble can make the heat radiation surface wider, so that the heat coverage in the bathroom is wider, and the heat distribution is more uniform.

Some people are not afraid of cold, feel that using warm bubbles is too hot, then you can consider using the wind warmer. The wind warmer is preheating, when we enter the bathroom is not cold. The lamp warms up in the bath for heating, the wind warmer generally has a dry house Function, suitable for mildew weather in the south, especially suitable for returning to the south.


After all, Yuba is installed in a humid environment. Be sure to buy a product with guaranteed quality. You should pay attention to the inspection of the external process level, requiring stainless steel, painted parts, plastic parts, glass bottles, plating parts, etc. The surface is evenly bright, no shedding. , no dents or severe scratches, squeezing marks, beautiful appearance.

Choose products with guaranteed after-sales service. Famous brand products produced by Yuba professional manufacturers and recognized by the market, general warranty for one to three years and lifetime maintenance, local maintenance service department outlets, free installation, door maintenance. After the parts are invalid, the manufacturer can immediately replace and supply the products for a long time, and can provide free upgrades for the products. Therefore, consumers should choose after-sales products.

Eye protection and explosion-proof lights

If you have a baby in your home, you should pay attention to the radiation of the bathroom heater. It will hurt your eyes. If you take a bath under such strong light for a long time, your eyes are very vulnerable. So if you have children at home, please try not to choose a lamp. In addition, you should pay attention to the warmth of the lamp. The choice of explosion-proof lamps, many light-heating explosions occurred in recent years, which is caused by the failure of explosion-proof lamps. The wind heating is mild, balanced, safer, and has many additional functions.

The right one is warm, and the bath is always warm!