The prosperity of the water purifier market flows on the surface |

At this stage, the home appliance industry is in a period of transition. In the search for new business models, the health card has become a popular influx of home appliance companies, and home appliances have become a member of the health industry. In the home appliance industry, Health has always been in a state of convergence. For example, in the color TV market, health means anti-blue light and eye protection, and the health of content resources. In the refrigerator industry, it absorbs the fresh nutrition that people consume in daily meals; in the washing machine market, it bears cleanliness. Clothing, sterilization, in addition to the role of mites, to protect people's skin health; in the air-conditioning industry and air-cleaning industry, efforts to improve the temperature and quality of the air on which people depend to achieve the most comfortable temperature and the best air quality. The emergence of health appliances, the health industry has also begun to be mentioned, and the plaque in the industry is the water purification industry affiliated with water appliances, the sun, air, water, water purification market is facing one-third of the potential .

The emergence of the water purification market means the change of Chinese people's lifestyle, as well as the improvement of the quality of life, the manifestation of human civilization. The harm of drinking water pollution is very serious, according to the report of the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC). Contaminants, including lead, copper, arsenic or cancer-causing sources, can damage human health and cause problems such as liver, kidney damage, cancer and infertility. Unfiltered water is often saturated with water. Alkali, acidic water contaminated with acid rain, animal secretions, PM2.5, Escherichia coli and other bacterial viruses.

In the past, the ancients drank water, but today, the meaning of drinking water is extremely deep.

The ancients also have a water purification method.

The water purification project has existed in China for thousands of years. Although the hands are drinking from the stream, it is a common plot in the costume drama, and it is also people's yearning for it. However, the ancient sanitation and drinking water is not completely natural. With the population The development of ancient Chinese drinking water safety also benefited from the protection of public drinking water projects. In the Spring and Autumn Period, the well was easy to water, so it was also the poison. The well was the most important drinking water facility for the ancients. The way of purifying water mainly revolves around The well unfolds, from scouring the excess sludge in the well to tying the pottery to the well wall, followed by the well cover we know.

Nowadays, in most families in China, boiling water is still the most cost-effective means of purifying water from ancient times to the present. In addition to the boiling method, because the ancients like tea, it is extremely particular about the purification of water sources. "Selecting water" records: In the past, crossing the Yellow River, I began to worry about its turbidity. The boat people used the law to pass the law, and the drink was sweet. The late Ming Dynasty scholar Fang Yizhi recorded in "Physical Knowledge": ordinary water, 矾, red bean Almond, realgar, gypsum. Among them, the 矾 refers to alum.

Under the limited technical conditions of the ancients, the accumulated wisdom of clean water was not counted, and the tea also removed too much minerals from natural water, but in the face of advanced technology but water pollution, The wisdom of the boat people has long since expired.

The development of clean water depends on the loss of beauty in nature.

The rapid development of the economy stands on the shoulders of the natural environment. The serious water pollution has made many villages that rely on well water and mountain springs to become the most polluted places. The emergence of cancer villages also makes people fear. Water panics, what is the upstream of the water? These areas often have the least conditions to install water purifiers. In the bustling cities, drinking water is also in jeopardy. In China's groundwater-based cities, groundwater is almost completely polluted. In particular, many cities in the north are seriously polluted, and the hardness of groundwater, nitrate and chloride are rising year by year, resulting in exceeding the standard. 80% of the country's waters and 45% of groundwater are polluted, and more than 90% of urban water sources are seriously polluted.

In many rural areas, the way to clean water is to sprinkle bleach into the wells and reservoirs, but many reservoirs will welcome visitors in the summer. As people's quality of life improves, water is used in the waterworks during municipal water treatment. Disinfect the preparation, open the faucet will find the water is white powder. It is understood that the residual chlorine in the tap water reacts with organic matter to produce carcinogens, the carcinogenicity after boiling will increase four times, and the pollutants and heavy metals will not burn. Open and disappear.

It is worth mentioning that with the implementation of the new national standard for drinking water, the previous water chaos has also played a depressing role, and drinking water on the market is still the biggest market. Before this, the mineral water was packaged. It has become a concept water such as vitamin water, distilled water, mineral water, ionized water, alkaline water, energy water, beauty freckle water, drink no harm, no drink and no loss. In today's intelligent age, netizens can't help but ask: Is there a kind? Smart water, artificial intelligence water? The packaging is exhausted, cost is high, and resources are wasted.

During the visit of the power grid, many townships and villages have been knocked on by the salesmen to recommend the water purifier, or the entire community is organized to recommend water purifiers, but the actual installation is rare, people are on the water purifier. Understanding is still the initial state. The water purifier will undoubtedly become the necessary electrical appliances for people's daily life. Whether it is municipal-led or personal purchase, the future of drinking water is not far away, but it is quite far away at present. Drinking water does not open, and people's drinking habits are also changing. The water quality that consumers can solve and interfere with is only the last meter in the family.

The prosperity of the water purifier market flows on the surface

At present, the domestic water purification industry is still in the enlightenment period and market cultivation period. The market capacity is expanding continuously. Chinese consumers have low ownership of net drinking water products. In many places in China, there is not much understanding of water purifiers. A relatively extravagant electrical appliance, either one hundred yuan or one, or tens of thousands of sales, not only does the consumer market not understand, and many places have no conditions to use water purifiers, no matter how expensive.

According to the offline monitoring data, the price segment of the high-end water purifier (≥4000 yuan) is increasing year by year. The high-end share of the water purification industry in the first 26 weeks of this year is over 50%, and the average price of the water purification industry is also increasing, which is almost 4,000 yuan, up 13.4% year-on-year. %, the average price of foreign brands was 4,690 yuan, up 10.4% year-on-year, and the average price of domestic brands was 3,482 yuan, up 14.7% year-on-year. Currently, the water purifier market is mainly divided into reverse osmosis technology, ultrafiltration, activated carbon, nanofiltration, etc. Among them, the data show that reverse osmosis technology products account for nearly 90%, and the latter three account for less than 5%. Through the promotion of green manufacturing and the supervision of the agenda, the water purifier will also meet the filtration layer by layer. filter.