Full power | Little Swan's Beverly Navigator high-end washing machine market

'As the washing machine industry enters a mature stage, the industry's driving force expands from the traditional scale, and gradually shifts to the product structure upgrade.' Industry experts pointed out that in the tide of consumption upgrading and quality upgrading, the high-end transformation of washing machines has become inevitable. Trend. As the mainstream brand of domestic high-end washing machines, Beverly performed well. The data of Ovi Cloud showed that Beverly market share accounted for 3.6% in September 2018, and the market share in October was 3.8. %. Since January, Beverly's market share has been rising, which is clearly the market return brought by Beverly's high-end products.

Consumption upgrades, catalyzing the high-end care market

As 80/90 young consumers occupy the mainstream consumer status, their call for quality is not only demanding good quality, practicality, but also consumer experience, service, word of mouth, personality, identity, technology, and A comprehensive demand including keywords such as the times.

Taking washing machine products as an example, basic functions such as washing and dehydration can no longer meet the needs of young consumers. Segmentation, quality functions and products, washing and drying machines, dryers and other emerging categories have become the focus of consumers. In the face of the growth of the high-end market, the domestic and international washing machine companies' product innovation enthusiasm is high. For the washing and drying machine and other categories, Beverly and other domestic high-end brands have launched high-end models with distinctive features to seek market dividends created by consumption upgrades. According to relevant data, Beverly's sales share growth in January-September 2018 is much higher than the industry average, which shows that its products are more and more popular among consumers.

High-end, focus on improving the experience

The layout of domestic and foreign companies has accelerated the structural upgrading of the washing machine market and product upgrades, but this process is not blindly obscured. As a leading brand, Little Swan is innovating closely around consumer demand, rather than rushing to increase or decrease functions. Really won the enthusiasm of consumers and become a winner. In 2018, thanks to strong research and development strength, Beverly has launched embedded, 'one' series, 'big series' series Bach silver and other new washing machines, recently released the world The Beverly-Pour Series, which opened the door at 45°, achieved the cluster-type power of high-end products, continuously enhanced the market influence of the brand, and ultimately led to the growth of market share.

It is understood that the Beverly-dip series drum washing machine adopts the unique 45° door-opening humanized design in the world, innovatively adopts worm and worm technology, intelligently rotates and adapts to the rotating cylinder body, and realizes 720° multi-dimensional washing for the first time, thoroughly shaking the clothes. To avoid entanglement; 'One' series roller products adopt the industry's original dual display dual control mode, allowing users to control the washing machine through the slider, left to select the laundry mode, right to select the protective clothing mode, from cleaning mode to humidity, speed The control and even the dehydration process can be controlled smoothly, eliminating the complicated washing process in the past, creating a new minimalist cleaning method for the user, leading the minimalist care of the washing machine industry. Many innovative technology applications make Beverly's high-end The attributes are full of color, which really enhances the consumer experience.

It is through continuous innovation, optimization and solving the “hidden pain” of consumers in the experience. Little Swan has used the sincerity and strength to gain market recognition step by step. With the reorganization of Little Swan, the washing machine business will be further strengthened. More strong brand strength as a support, so as to fully develop the high-end market.