November 11 1 o'clock before the end of the 80 users will receive a value of 2000 Yuan Wish card, the rest of the users can also rob including Tmall elves and divide 100,000 red envelopes of the doub

With the individualization of consumer demand and the continuous development of diversification, consumers have put forward higher requirements for refrigerators. From this year's refrigerator big market development trend, consumers are more inclined to choose intelligent, personalized products. From high-value, structural upgrades to smart freshness, refrigerators are no longer a cold, cold food storage device, but the entire smart kitchen, a representative of healthy living.

Based on this, this year's 11 no surprises, will become the world's high-end smart refrigerator key battle, will also be the United States smart Refrigerator to consolidate market leadership key point.

Midea Refrigerator Intelligent Innovation responds to consumer demand Since the beginning of the world's product global debut caused a sensation, the United States of the Crystal Week fresh smart refrigerator has become an important representative of high-end refrigerators.

This year's double 11 period, the United States Microcrystalline series from the door body to the volume of a comprehensive layout, the new open to the four doors, French four doors and five doors, such as five new products launched, fully meet the needs of different families, for the pursuit of high quality of life to provide more choices. Functional aspects, equipped with microcrystalline fresh technology of new products, through the independent Microcrystalline preservation module, combined with the built-in independent refrigeration insulation system, intelligent temperature sensor for stereo radar monitoring, accurate storage of different ingredients of the preservation pod to give accurate temperature difference control, to achieve 7 days of meat ingredients do not freeze the original effect.

At the same time, the Microcrystalline series refrigerator is also equipped with AI intelligent moisture control, PST Intelligent antibacterial two major intelligent preservation technology. In terms of appearance, the Microcrystalline series Refrigerator uses a new family design language, in the current market on the basis of the main gold tone, innovative response to the panel material and light, through the deposition of ice shell Phantom through the transparent and transformed silver gray luster of the glass luster and metal texture of the perfect combination, to minimalist, humanized design style, the introduction of Glacier Silver Series appearance, to meet the modern elite ' simple beauty, atmosphere ' aesthetic direction.

One of the new open Open three 630 just listed has received global attention, even won the German Red Dot Award, Aiplain Award, good Product Award, Jin Xuan Award International Four Awards.

From intelligent preservation to sub-cabin radar monitoring, from the upper and lower air return system to high-value appearance, the beauty of the Microcrystalline series to solve the product core demand as the direction, fully respond to the consumer's pain points, will lead this year's double 11 high-end refrigerator market to buy the wind direction.

Midea Intelligent Fresh-keeping refrigerator multiple offers, waiting for you to buy To innovate black technology, high-value products to take the lead, the United States e-commerce dedicated to intelligent net taste products at the same time on the shelves, a variety of huge benefits activities to detonate the double 11--consumers only need to pay a deposit of 100 yuan from 0 o'clock on October 20 to November 10, you can enjoy double 11 on the day, the value of 899 yuan of the ' 6 issue of interest-free ', three years of extended insurance and other six heavy benefits.