It's really necessary to have a home | 'Smart Toilet' | Is it a good idea?

Winter is coming, it is a very painful thing to go to the toilet. When we take off our pants and sit on the toilet, the painful coldness spreads from the butt to the whole body, and people can't help but tremble. Someone wants to prevent the winter from being frozen, so get along with a 'small idea', that is, put on the toilet, so that when he goes to the toilet, he does not need to let the butt touch the cold toilet.

Some people think that this method is good, but they ignore it. After the toilet clothes are used for a long time, they will become very dirty. First of all, the toilet in the house is originally a place with more bacteria. Secondly, when we urinate, it is inevitable that Sprinkle a little on the so-called toilet clothes, the above will become more dirty. If the bacteria above infected the human body, it will easily affect our health. At this time, many people think of a higher-end product, That's the smart toilet cover. Is it really necessary to have a 'smart toilet lid' at home? After listening to the insider, I have a lot of thoughts!

The insider said that if you want to put clothes on the toilet like this, it is something that does not cure the problem, and it is not a long-term solution. The clothes are dirty and always wash, then during the cleaning of the toilet clothes. We are not the same to endure the pain of freezing the buttocks. If you want to make the toilet ring not frozen, the best way is to install a smart toilet cover. Insiders analyze the benefits of smart toilet cover from three aspects, let's come together Let's see!

1, heating function

Heating the toilet seat is one of the most basic functions of the smart toilet cover. With it, it completely solves the problem of the toilet lid freezing butt. In addition to not ice, we can feel the ass when we go to the toilet. Warm, this helps us to defecate, avoiding the fact that we have changed the constipation disease that many people now have.

2, deodorizing function

After the toilet has been used for a long time, it will inevitably run out some odors, which will make the whole bathroom smoky. In fact, the smell is not a good or bad problem for the toilet. Even the best toilets will be a bit stinky. If you have a smart toilet cover installed in your home, there is no such trouble. Especially if there are frequent guests at home, the deodorization function will more or less ease the shackles of the guests when you go to the bathroom!

3, automatic cleaning and drying of the butt function

Now, after we have finished the toilet, we all need to wipe our buttocks ourselves, and the toilet paper left by the buttocks is also an intractable problem. Throw the trash can, and be afraid of breeding bacteria, throw the toilet, and be afraid of blockage. After the smart toilet, it will be cleaned and dried directly after you finish the toilet. We just need to lift the pants and pat the butt to leave.

The insider said that basically the three conditions that the smart toilet lid meets are enough to make us feel comfortable on the toilet. For the average family, it is only necessary to satisfy these three functions. He also said that It is also necessary to install a smart toilet cover at home.

After all, now is an era of enjoyment, and going to the toilet as a major event in life, is definitely to be comfortable. If you have to worry about being frozen in the last toilet, then our life is really sad. .

The insider finally said that it is much more affordable to install a smart toilet cover than to install a smart toilet. It not only meets the requirements, but also has no such expensive price! How do you think that a smart toilet cover is installed at home?