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Unknowingly, the first festival in winter - the winter is quiet. After the winter, the sunshine time will continue to shorten, the height of the midday sun will continue to decrease, and the weather adds to the chill.

As the temperature drops, many coats, cotton jackets, down jackets and other cold winter clothes that are at the bottom of the press box should be taken out for the occasional needs. At the same time, thin shirts, coats, trousers and other autumn clothing should also be relegated to the second line. Prepare for 'Hibernation'. Many people understand that the autumn clothes need to be cleaned before they are collected in order to prevent bacteria and mildew in the winter. It seems that an autumn clothing 'great cleaning' is inevitable, and the washing machine at home will Become the main force of this 'cleansing war'.

Autumn clothes collection fast people 'clothing' step enjoy winter 'washing' Yue

When the washing machine in the home is inefficient and noisy, you can't wait to kick your feet to release the arrogance in your heart. Perhaps this double 11, it is time to replace the washing machine that is not strong at home, let yourself throw away the temper, seriously Enjoy the winter 'washing', open a new quality of life.

Quick Drive Samsung Zhimu · multi-dimensional double-drive washing machine takes you fast people 'clothing' step

In fact, the Quick Drive Samsung Zhimu Multi-Dimensional Double Drive Washing Machine (hereinafter referred to as Samsung Quick Drive), which is famous for its 'quick wash', is worth a try. In addition to the excellent brand, consumers are assured, even more amazing is its unique The hybrid speed net technology, the two-way water flow movement of the double-drive inner cylinder forms a washing mode combining the 'rolling force + the beat force' - both the pulsator type 360° roll and the drum type up and down beat, the collecting drum and The two-way advantage of the washing machine is to save your clothes and save up to 50% of your time. Refresh your efficient laundry experience. At the beginning of the winter solstice, Samsung Quick Drive will help you quickly win the 'Autumn Cleaning' campaign for you. Take care of the collection of autumn clothing to make a practical first step.

Samsung Quick Drive is equipped with hybrid speed technology

In addition to the ability to quickly complete the laundry task, Samsung Quick Drive is also indispensable in the care of clothes and efficient clothes. The support behind it has to mention steam sterilization, deep dust removal and hot air fresh three-fold clothing protection technology. Quarterly clothing, inevitably requires deep cleaning, and Samsung Quick Drive steam sterilization technology releases high-temperature steam from the bottom of the drum, forming a three-dimensional penetration from the surface of the garment to the internal fibers, bringing deep cleansing to the clothes. Second, deep dust removal technology Before the washing starts, the dust on the clothes can be quickly shaken off by the rotation of the drum, and the dust, dust and other particles in the deep part of the clothing fiber can be effectively removed. The hot air fresh function utilizes the hot air to effectively decompose the odor particles on the clothes, and restore the clothes naturally. Fresh. Before collecting clothes in winter, Samsung Quick Drive can not only help you complete the task of washing clothes, but also help you to complete the deodorization, dust removal, sterilization and other clothing care.

Move the sun to the house to solve the problem of drying in the winter

Autumn is coming to the winter. With the smog and the temperature drop in winter, the drying of winter coats such as wool coats and down jackets will become a headache in family life. At this time, you may have a powerful dryer. 'Haze' in the winter.

If you say that the dryer is perfectly matched with the Quick Drive Samsung Zhimu Multi-Dimensional Double-Drive Washing Machine, you have to think of Samsung's flagship high-profile dryer - Samsung Rui Mu · Net Speed ​​Dryer. At this dryer, you may be attracted by the appearance of its large blue crystal window at first sight. In fact, in addition to the super high value, it is also excellent in quick drying and clothing care, especially for Winter down jackets and wool coats, the effect may be beyond your imagination.

Samsung Rui Mu·Net-speed dryer to help you bring the sun to your home

Many people may have such a doubt, why do not buy warm cotton clothes or down jackets for a long time after wearing them. In fact, one of the biggest problems is that you do not have the care of the clothes. If you carefully observe the Samsung Rui Mu net speed Dryer, you will find it has a variety of modes such as wool and soft drying. It is specially designed for winter wool coats, down jackets and other winter clothes. Imagine if you are drying the down jacket, you may find it after drying. There is no lightness and softness when I just bought it. The most likely problem is that the down is not stretched out. The Samsung Ruomo Net Dryer is equipped with a heat pump low-temperature drying technology, which is baked at a low temperature between 40 °C and 60 °C. Dry, reduce the damage to the clothes while drying the clothes, and it is uniformly dried from the inside to the outside, so that the inner layer of the clothes is fully stretched, and the winter coat is soft and soft.

When the winter solstice is coming, everyone remembers to keep warm while doing the laundry care, and has the Quick Drive Samsung Zhimu Multi-Dimensional Double-Drive Washing Machine and the Samsung Rui Mu·Net-speed Drying Machine. It will be the most sensible choice for you to wash your clothes in winter, because TA knows the beauty of home.