Air energy heater to meet the needs of domestic hot water, is a modern home life can not be less equipment, maintenance of the proper air energy heater, whether from the use of the effect, or safety,

Air can water heater energy saving and environmental protection, in recent years has gradually become a popular choice in the market.

But for the air energy water heater installation, use and maintenance knowledge, I believe there are users still have questions, Next will be detailed science for everyone.

Installation article

What is the scope of application of air energy heater?

Air energy heaters are used in a wide range of areas, including homes, hotels, swimming pools, etc., to provide domestic hot water needed.

Where can air water heaters be installed? Air Energy water heater is divided into integral and split, monolithic host and water tank all-in-one design of the product, simply connected to and from the water pipe can be used, simple and convenient installation, less space; split-type host and water tank separate design.

Air Energy heaters are best installed in a position that can be fully exposed to air, installed in different locations, and the types of products selected are different. If you want to install in the outdoor air conditioning level, it is recommended to choose a split air energy water heater, split air energy water heater by the outdoor machine and water tank two parts. Outdoor machine installed in the outdoor air conditioning level, can be very good absorption of outdoor air, to achieve a good heat production effect. If installed indoors, such as a balcony or kitchen, it is generally better to have an all-in-one air water heater.

Because the all-in-one equipment occupies a small space, will not occupy too much space in the room, there is not much negative impact on life.

Use the article

What is the difference between air energy heaters and other water heaters? Air energy heaters are very different from traditional electric water heaters, gas water heaters and solar water heaters.

The heating principle of air energy water heater is to use a small amount of electric energy to drive the compressor, from the air to absorb heat energy, passed to the water to make hot water, with the help of clean and environmentally friendly air can achieve efficient energy saving and environmental protection effect. Electric water heater installation is simple and convenient, the use is not affected by the difference in floor pressure, but the use of preheating, continuous multi-person use is prone to queuing and other hot water embarrassment; gas water heater heating speed, but may be due to hydraulic problems and hot and cold phenomenon; solar water heater energy saving and environmental protection, but easy to be affected by the weather,

Auxiliary electric heating devices are required in rainy weather.

Air can water heater if not used for a long time, need to drain water? Air energy heaters do not affect the fuselage when they are not used for long periods of time. However, if the water in the tank is not used for a long time, the water should be drained out, because the unit does not operate, the water tank is in a closed body, the lack of fluidity in the tank will become dead and easy to breed bacteria.

Therefore, the air energy heater needs to be closed for a long time, the water tank should be opened out of the effluent inside.

Maintenance articles

How to carry out effective maintenance of air energy heater in order to achieve the best service life? Reduces compressor wear. The compressor is the ' heart ' of the water heater. It receives gaseous energy from the evaporator, then heats up the gaseous energy, and finally generates hot water through heat exchange. The purpose of prolonging the service life of the water heater can be achieved by reducing the wear and tear of the machine.

Reasonable setting of air energy water heater timing start, reduce the meaningless running time of heat pump; if it is an air energy heater with frequency conversion mode, when the hot water demand is not so large, you can switch to energy-saving mode, reduce the compressor workload. The unit should be kept clean and dry around, do not stack debris, maintain good ventilation. In particular, do not put things in the vents, so as not to clog the air vents.

Air Energy water heater, is by absorbing air to make heat, the surrounding hanging small parts down the air vents into the interior of the wind energy heater, will likely lead to air can run a failure. The unit should be checked frequently to prevent failure to detect in a timely manner.

Check whether the wiring of the power supply and electrical system is firm, there is no oxidation or damage, water recharge, the safety valve of the tank, the level controller and the exhaust device are working normally, so as not to reduce the water circulation caused by the air entering the system, thus affecting the heat production of the unit and the reliability of the unit operation. Timing cleaning and maintenance, air energy heater operation has a large number of cold, hot water cycle back and forth, coupled with most of the area of tap water quality is not good, it is easy to breed scale.

Large accumulation of scale, will reduce the thermal efficiency, regular cleaning of the water heater, in order to allow the air water heater to maintain a good working state for a long time; water tank after a period of use need regular sewage cleaning, in order to remove the bottom of the water tank remaining impurities, to ensure that the water quality of the water tank clean.