Italy is a microcosm | Haier air conditioners worldwide to create a number of NO.1

'In Venice, you can buy Haier's inverter air conditioner.' On November 5th, China's first international import fair opened in Shanghai. People's Daily official WeChat commented on "Going to China, seeing the world! The first China Expo will come!" In order to sort out the 'global openness change' in the 40 years since the opening of China's economic market, Haier Air Conditioning has become a 'export model' for Chinese companies to create overseas.

Venice in Italy is just a microcosm. Today's Haier air conditioners are spread all over the world. According to the statistics of the number of exports in 2017 (European International), Haier Air Conditioning ranks first among China's own brands of household air conditioners with a 22% share, every four independent brands. One is Haier.

The global 'independent creation' results are remarkable: 10 items NO.1

For enterprises, there is a huge difference between building global brands and Chinese brands. Focusing on the domestic market, domestic air-conditioning companies 'big scores' are better than foreign brands, leading companies master market competitiveness. But zooming into the global market, 'brand' becomes Air-conditioning enterprises raise the challenge of international competitiveness and global influence. As far as the statistics of the Thai market are concerned, among the top 10 air-conditioners, China’s air-conditioners are only listed on Haier, and they compete with Japanese and Korean companies to become the mainstream of Thailand. Home appliance business.

Industry experts said that for a long time, Japan and South Korea brands monopolized the European market. With the global strategic layout of domestic brands led by Haier, Chinese brands began to gradually get rid of the rapid rise of OEMs. 'Haier Brand' became the Chinese business card for air-conditioner exports worldwide. The Italian market, which appeared on the official WeChat of the People’s Daily, is an important market in Haier’s air-conditioning industry.

In 1999, Haier Air Conditioning entered the Italian market for the first time. Unlike other brands that use OEM to export and earn foreign exchange, Haier insists on the export of China's own brands and continues to localize and innovate based on user needs. In the past 19 years, Haier Air Conditioning has surpassed 17 international markets. Brand, become the mainstream choice of local users, ranking first in China's own brands.

Europe has always been the 'highland' of the global air-conditioning industry and even the home appliance industry. Quality and reputation are important factors for European users to choose household appliances. The demand for high-profile products is also stronger. In Europe, China's air-conditioning has 'China'. There are two kinds of globalization paths: 'and 'China brand'. For example, in Europe, the largest air-conditioning market in Russia, 'China made' accounted for the vast majority, and more than 100 local air-conditioning brands were contracted by Chinese air-conditioning companies. This means that the development of Chinese air-conditioning enterprises in Europe is difficult and unable to grasp the market right to speak.

From the current market performance, China's brand-name enterprises led by Haier air conditioners are changing this situation. According to European local GFK statistics, China's air-conditioning brands occupy nearly 30% of the market share in Europe, and Japan and South Korea brands, European and American brands stand up. Among them, Haier is the first market share in the domestic central air-conditioning brand. More than that, in the past 20 years of globalization, Haier Air Conditioning won 10 NO.1:

Globally, Haier Interconnected Air Conditioning ranked first in global sales for two consecutive years.

In Europe, Haier air conditioner is the first brand of air conditioning in China.

In Russia, Haier's air-conditioning market share ranks first.

In Italy, Haier air conditioner ranks first in China's own brand.

In Thailand, Haier air conditioning is the first local Chinese brand.

In India, Haier air conditioning is the first local Chinese brand.

In Pakistan, Haier air conditioner has been the market share for 11 consecutive years.

In the United States, Haier air conditioners and GE Appliances air conditioner dual brand market share first.

In China, Haier intelligent air conditioner is the first in the Chinese market for 4 consecutive years, and it is also the first export of domestic independent brand household air conditioners.

'Global brand' building air conditioning model: zero distance from users

Undoubtedly, Haier Air Conditioning's 'global brand' construction road has become a model for overseas development of air-conditioning enterprises. The average creation time of the top 20 companies in the world's top 20 brands by Interbrand, the world's leading brand evaluation agency, is 95.4 years. The longest is 253 years. This is enough to see the 'brand building', especially the difficulty of building a world-renowned brand.

So, how does Haier Air Conditioning interpret the 'global brand'?

—— 'Global brand' Directly to consumers. The world brand is a language and symbol that can be understood by users all over the world. The company chooses the OEM mode. Enterprises that can't talk directly with users even if they are bigger in scale, are not world brands. Haier Air Conditioning has built a global trinity layout of localized R&D, localized manufacturing and localized marketing. It directly talks to users and innovates solutions according to user needs.

Designed to enhance global R&D capabilities, Haier has established three major air research centers in Geneva, Switzerland, Auckland, New Zealand, and Qingdao, China, to accelerate the globalization of Haier air conditioning from 'air conditioning' to 'air'.

On such a global platform, Haier air-conditioning's 'exotic custom story' is happening every day. Positioned in Thailand in Southeast Asia, Haier air-conditioning is the first to export self-cleaning air conditioners to save local air users. About 1000 yuan cleaning costs; at the same time, Haier magnetic suspension central air conditioning with a customized life cycle energy-saving solutions occupy Thailand's top 35% market share in the industry. Positioned in Europe, Russia, for users of air conditioning health, quiet demand, Haier Air Conditioning has also launched the Dawn series of intelligent air conditioners. This series of air conditioners has a new air duct system, which is called the industry's 'quiet air conditioner'. At the same time, the reliable quality of -20 °C ultra-low temperature refrigeration meets the harsh environmental needs of Russia.

—— 'Global brand' business scope involves key areas. Interbrand analysis said that Asia, Europe and North America are the world's three major economies and a must for global brand enterprises. Since the beginning of Haier's entry into the United States, Haier has chosen In 1999, Haier exported air conditioning to the United States for the first time. In April of the same year, Haier established the first localized Haier manufacturing base in South Carolina.

Since then, Haier has established Haier Design Center in Los Angeles; Haier American Trading Company has been established in New York; Haier Silicon Valley Innovation Center was established during CES this year; and training centers have been established in New Jersey and other places.

Deeply ploughing into the US market for many years, Haier air conditioner has entered the harvest period. In 2005, Haier window air conditioner became the first self-owned brand in the United States, and maintained its first independent brand in China for 13 consecutive years. In 2017, Haier + GE Appliances double air-conditioning brand ranked The market share is the first, breaking the old pattern of American air conditioners in the past 20 years.

It can be seen that the 'global brand' is different from the Chinese brand. After going abroad, the Chinese enterprises need to be recognized by the global users, and they must be recognized by the global market. Under the guidance of the 'personal single-in-one' mode, Haier air-conditioning is based on users. The center insists on the localization of 'global creation', which not only makes 'Haier brand' get praise from the world users, but also provides a model reference for the export road of the air-conditioning industry.