Glory Magic2 charging and battery life experience: 40W visible fast charge

Just released the glory Magie2 supports 40W Rheinland 2.0 2.0 Magic Charge safe super fast charge, and has 3500mAh battery, not only fast charging, but also long battery life. The previous generation of glory Magic has used 40W fast charge, now Magic2 Fast charge has been upgraded, maintaining 40W power and bringing Rheinland certification, which greatly improves the safety of charging. Today we will test the performance of glory Magic2 charging and battery life.

As the flagship mobile phone of glory, Magic2 Magic2 not only uses the slider design, Kirin 980 processor, rear three-camera and so on. At the same time, the phone has built-in 3500mAh battery, and 40W Magic Charge safe super fast charge, using 10V4A The charging specification, the official promotion can be filled with 50% of the power in 15 minutes, with a fast charging experience.

Glory Magic2 Charger:

First look at the charger of the glory Magic2. The output of this charger is 5V/2A or 9V/2A or 10V/4A MAX, and the maximum power is up to 40W. This charger is also larger than the normal charger, and the charging specification It is also more than the average charger. So, what charging standard can this charge support?

Through the test tools, you can see that the glory Magic2 charger supports the QC2.0 fast charge protocol in addition to its own fast charge protocol, which belongs to a multi-protocol charger, and the Magic Charge safe super fast charge can provide 40W. Charging power is also twice as fast as the market's general fast charge.

Magic Charge safe super fast charge test:

The glory Magic2 has a 3500mAh battery. It can be seen that it takes 60 minutes to fill from 2% to 100%. The first 95% of the charging voltage is around 9V. After 95%, the charging voltage is reduced to 5V. In terms of charging power, the top 20 At the time of %, the power can reach the peak value of 35W, perhaps for safety reasons. After that, the charging power position is between 20-25W, and the charging power begins to gradually decrease when it reaches 70% of the power.

From the power curve, we can see that the whole charging process is very fast. It can reach 25 power in 10 minutes of charging, and it is charged with 875mAh. 25% of the battery can be maintained for 2 hours under medium and low intensity. It can be seen that Magic Magic's Magic Charge Super Charger is very useful for charging in an emergency. Charging for a short period of time allows the phone to maintain a long service life.

4-hour endurance test:

Glory Magic2 uses a large battery of 3500mAh, plus the 7nm three-set design of the Kirin 980 processor and Android 9.0-based deep optimization of Magic UI 2.0, which brings excellent endurance performance. You can see that we have set 4 After the hourly battery test, the glory Magic2 still has 69% of the remaining power. The test uses the default battery mode. The power consumption of the 1080P HD video is only 6% for 1 hour. This really makes the author feel unexpected. Generally, the mobile phone consumes 1 hour of video playback. It will exceed 10%, and the glory Maigg2 is only 6%, which shows that the CPU power consumption of this mobile phone is greatly reduced in low-load applications. On the one hand, the 7nm process, on the other hand, the three-segment design processor is in the province. Electrical advantage is more.

After playing the game for another hour, the glory Magic2 consumes 20% of power. Since the GPU Tubro is turned on during the game, the power consumption is accelerated to a certain extent, but the game performance is improved. Finally, 1 hour of MP3 playback and 1 hour of call are made. The call, the remaining 69% of the battery, such endurance performance should not be a big problem for the user's high-intensity use throughout the day.

to sum up:

Glory Magic2 has indeed brought great progress in charging. The 40W fast charge peak can reach 35W, which is much higher than the average fast charge, which makes the charging time much shorter, and the heat of the mobile phone is better when charging. Control, glory Magic2 Magic Charge Security Super Fast Charge is indeed a black technology on this phone.

In terms of battery life, the glory Magic2 has a 3500mAh battery. Originally, the battery capacity is sufficient. With the Kirin 980 processor, the power consumption of the mobile phone is lower at low load, and the performance can be better when it is high performance. Through our The test also saw this point, the glory Magic2's battery life performance is also very good, endurance performance can be on par with many 4000mAh battery.