OPPO Pikachu custom version of the super flash charging mobile power release: 10000mAh 399 yuan

On November 6th, on the OPPO SuperVOOC Super Flashing Open Day, OPPO announced an official cooperation with Elf Pokemon. Pikachu will become the OPPO Super Flash Charger, and together with 'SuperVOOC' will bring more advanced, safer and more open technology to users.

At the same time OPPO and Elf Pokemon launched the officially licensed Pikachu limited perimeter: Pikachu custom-made super flash charging mobile power supply with 10000mAh capacity batteries, let you experience super flash charging anytime, anywhere; more Pikachu custom version of the protective case, with NFC theme card, let the phone quickly change from the inside out to Pikachu.

According to the official introduction, OPPO used the 3C battery and VFC fast charging algorithm for the first time in the SuperVOOC super flash charging system. 3C battery current carrying capacity increased by 100%, quality is excellent, and the safety factor is improved; VFC algorithm improves trickle charging, trickle charging speed is increased by 200%, and the last 10% charging time is greatly shortened, realizing 'no difference' flash Fill the experience.

In terms of price, Pikachu custom R17 Pro protective shell is priced at 149 yuan, will be on sale on November 11, Pikachu custom version SuperVOOC super flash mobile power supply is 399 yuan, will be officially launched in December.

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